Save Energy In Your Home Throughout The Year With These Tips

Save Energy In Your Home Throughout The Year With These Tips

One of the biggest things that can eat into your finances throughout the year is household bills. Whether it’s the electric, gas or water, they just seem to mount up. They always seem to rise and never decrease. In can be incredibly frustrating particularly if you’re trying to save money or just live a greener life. But, I think with a few changes you can reduce your energy bills. These are some of the ones that I recommend.


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Check Your Energy Rates

Certainly if you think your energy bill is higher than it should be, this is where I would start. You may not know this, but not all energy companies offer the same rates. Some are a great deal cheaper while others are far too expensive. You might find that if you switched energy providers your bills could be reduced by as much as twenty-five percent. That’s a huge saving you can’t afford to miss. You will have to wait for your current energy contract to run out before you switch, though. However, if you thought switching providers was difficult it isn’t. Most providers will make the change to their company effortless so you won’t have to worry.

Fix Your Furnace

Again, if you think your energy readings are too high, it could be a problem with your equipment. The next step is to get it inspected. In particular, you should make sure that you get your furnace checked out. If your furnace is in need of a repair, it will be eating energy. It’s no wonder then that your bills are so high. If you speak to a heating repair company, they will be able to fix it for you. You also might be able to arrange regular check-ups to make sure it never gets into a bad state again.

Check Your Insulation

If you have poor insulation in your home, your energy bills will be high. You will also need to use a lot of power to heat your home. Both these issues are problematic but can be fixed simply by having a look at your home insulation. In particular, I suggest you examine your windows. A tell tale sign of poor insulation is if they are wet on the inside. Or, if you can feel hair sifting through the gaps. You can upgrade your windows at a price. It might be worth it because you will certainly start to spend less on gas bills. Or, you can remember to shut the doors of your home and close the curtains. It won’t make a great deal of difference, but it will stop the heat escaping as quickly.

Upgrade Your Radiator Game

Let’s face it, radiators are more for function than aesthetics. They keep you warm, but are downright ugly. As time has passed, new ways to cover them have popped up like radiator covers and the like. While these can look pretty, they take up even more space than the radiators do. Did you know that you can remove your radiator completely, make more space, save on energy bills AND still have your heating too? No, you haven’t been beamed into the sci-fi future. Today, you can have thin radiators installed and hidden behind your walls. They fit behind even the thinnest of plaster. The company 3Thermo are the inventors of this technology which improves heating efficiency, keeps humidity at optimal levels and reduces dust and allergens produced by traditional heating methods. If that isn’t enough to make your ears perk up, how about the 80% less water use and a 40% reduction in bills annually? A green home owner’s dream.

Appliances And Tech

How many pieces of tech do you have in your home? The average household could have more than ten pieces of energy equipment that eat up power. I’m talking about laptops, game consoles and televisions. If you have this type of tech running in your home, you should make sure you’re buying models with good energy grades. This is why it’s not a bad idea to update your tech every few years.

If you take this advice, you’ll find your energy bills are a lot lower and more manageable.