Reduce The Carbon Footprint Of Your Home In 5 Easy Steps

Reduce The Carbon Footprint Of Your Home In 5 Easy Steps

Do you feel guilty about the damage you are doing to the environment by living a modern lifestyle? One way to see if you are causing more damage than you should, is to look at the energy bills for your home. Even though you may have a good job and be able to afford them, are they unreasonably high? It isn’t all the fault of the energy companies; the building in which you live and your behaviour has a significant effect on the size of the bills.

It is lucky you dropped by because this is my specialist subject, and I can advise you of ways to slash the cost of energy for your home, by using less of it. It isn’t difficult, as you will see. Some of the ideas require an initial investment, but you will recoup that money quickly. Here is how to reduce the carbon footprint of your home in 5 easy steps.


You must upgrade the levels of insulation within your home if they are not sufficient. All other steps will be pointless if you don’t. Here are the areas on which to concentrate your efforts.

  • Check the depth and quality of the insulation in the attic. There might be an adequate thickness of at least eight inches, but it should be light and fluffy, not compressed and  hard. It is the air spaces within the product that gives it excellent thermal properties. If you suspect it is below standard, add more. You don’t need to remove the old stuff, just put more on top of it. The insulation comes on rolls, and you should lay it right angles to the previous layer. It will have an immediate effect on your carbon footprint.
  • Hire a contractor to insulate the cavity walls if you have them. A lot of heat you generate will escape through the walls if you don’t do something to stop it.


If the central heating boiler is over ten years old, it is using a lot more gas than it should. The experts at say that modern units use up to fifty percent less energy to heat the house than some ancient counterparts. You can save a lot of money by investing in a high-tech boiler.

Double Glazing

If  your single glazed windows drip with condensation, it is a sign that you are losing heat through them. Maybe it is time to invest in a set of thermally efficient uPVC double glazed frames. You will have no problem finding a company willing to help you out with this upgrade. Indeed you may end up fighting them off with a stick; such is their determination to get your business. Barter with them to bring the price down as low as you can get it.



Seal all of the draughts in your home with products from your local DIY store. Whether you use fillers or draught excluders, there is something for every situation.

Make Electricity

Solar panels are popping up on roofs everywhere these days because people can see the benefits of them. Though they are expensive, they pay for themselves after a decade with reduced bills. After that, they make a profit for you; that can’t be bad.

I hope your eyes are now open to the fact that you can make a difference and do your bit for the planet. It may only be a small change, but if everyone did it, the globe would breath a sigh of relief.

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