Ramp Up the Style in your Master Bedroom

Ramp Up the Style in your Master Bedroom




Is your bedroom lacking pizzazz and style?  Take the plunge and ramp up the style in your master bedroom with recommendations from the style and design professionals.  It’s much easier than you think to give your bedroom a makeover.

Take the first step and empty the room and walls. Leave the large furniture pieces in the center of the room to allow for easier painting. Select a light, warm shade that compliments the floor covering. Keep it in perspective. Selecting a name for a baby is a huge decision. Committing to a $20 gallon of paint isn’t. Prepare the walls by spackling and sanding any nail holes. Remove the draperies. Tape of the trim work and doors and apply two coats of paint. The transformation will be remarkable.

Give careful consideration to the pieces that you return to the room. Omit excessive accessories as they tend to clutter a room very quickly. Limit occasional pieces of furniture that don’t serve a specific function.  If your desk has been in your master bedroom, by all means find a new home for it. Office clutter is a tranquility killer both at night and in the morning. Place art on the walls at eye level instead of spreading individual pieces around the room.

Consider taking advantage of the great deals offered by Groupon coupons and head to Lacoste for an awesome selection of new bedding. Complimentary window treatments can be found at most home goods stores or splurge and have custom treatments designed and installed.  Rethink your lighting. Is the lighting limited to a single ceiling fixture? Consider a pretty chandelier and complimentary night stand lamps.  The bottom of the lamp shade should be no higher than one foot above the bed for ideal reading light.

A few new throw pillows, an interesting carpet and a bouquet of fresh flowers can be the finishing touches to stunning new master bedroom makeover. No doubt you’ll have gained enough confidence and satisfaction from this make over to tackle yet another room in your home. Good luck to you!