Preparing for Kittens

Preparing for Kittens

There is nothing better than bringing a fluff of fur into your home. Kittens are cuddly, they like to play and they are perfect company for your children. However, in order for your new kitten to enter its new home safely, you have some preparing to do.

Kitten-proof the House

Because of their curiosity kittens can easily get tangled in anything that is hanging. However, those situations can be dangerous because they can choke. So, make sure there is nothing hanging from the tables and windows, so the cat wouldn’t jump for it, pull it down and get tangled. Also, you should put away all the electric cords and secure them somewhere safe with a cord manager. Another thing that kittens like doing is exploring and knocking stuff down. Thus, make sure there are no breakable things on the tables, dressers and shelves because they will be broken. Additionally, put away any jewelry, rubber bands, decorations and other small items to keep your kitten from swallowing them.

Necessary Equipment

Your house is a vast new world for the kitten to explore. That is why you should equip one extra room you have just for your kitten. This will be your kitten’s sanctuary and it can be any room in the house that you can close off. Here you should put up everything a kitten needs: a litter box, scratching poles, toys, places for climbing and the bed. So, before bringing a cat home, make sure this room is well equipped and safe. Also, you can provide a few hiding places such as paper bags and boxes where your cat can play and hide when it desires. Additionally, don’t forget to put up bowls for food and water in the same room, but it should be somewhere safe. The things you will need should go on the list, which can be quite long, but you can check out the Vet Shop Australia for everything you need.

Choose the Toys Carefully

Your new kitten will need ways of spending energy. However, don’t buy just any toy you find, pick them just as you would for your kid. Avoid toys with small buttons, bells or any other small parts that can be swallowed. Also, don’t buy toys with sharp edges, strings, yarn or ribbon because they are dangerous when ingested. The best toys for your new kitten should include small stuffed animals, balls that are larger than the kitten’s mouth and any other toy you believe that would catch your cat’s attention. Also, you can invest in some hanging toys or fuzzy mice that your kitten can chase.

Grooming Tools

By the time you have decided what type of cat you wish to adopt, you will know what grooming tools it will need. The length of the hair will determine the brush you should use as well as any colorful accessories you can use to upgrade your kitten’s style.

Adopting a kitten is a noble thing, but you need to prepare the home. If you provide a separate room for your kitten, plenty of food and toys, it will be safe and happy in its new place. Just be patient and you can live happily together.