5 Things Every Kid’s Room Needs

5 Things Every Kid’s Room Needs

Children are the most precious residents of every home, and that makes their rooms, their little kingdoms, the most important rooms in the house. This means investing special care in designing and decorating a space that will contribute to their happy childhood and help them reach their full potential. Now, besides all the regular stuff the kids’ room must have (comfortable bed, well organized dresser, quality bed sheets, etc.), there are some items we sometimes forget, or do not devote sufficient attention to. Here are five great things you shouldn’t forget to include in your kids’ room.

Storage Units

Don’t you just hate it when you come in your kids’ room and step on a Lego or trip over a toy car? Well, that’s why clever storage units are for. A truly functional storage will separate toys, and board games into different sections. Since kids’ rooms are almost always rather small, that can be difficult but not unworkable. There are plenty of creative solutions for storing these items, such as corner shelves, drawers under bed, and plastic containers and baskets. Some, like repurposed wine crates, are within everyone’s DIY possibilities.

Open Floor Space

A kids’ room that can fit in only bed and storage won’t be interesting for the kids during the day. They should also have some room to play. Open spaces anchored by comfortable kids floor rugs where they can sit, drive race cars, play board games and assemble puzzles are crucial parts of well-designed kids’ rooms. They’re also very neat when the kids have friends over.

An Activity Table

An activity table can help kids develop their creativity by drawing, painting, doing arts and crafts. A clearly defined area to work on will prevent future clutter and disorganization. When the children get older, they will need a desk/homework station, where they’ll be able to write their homework, study, practice writing, etc. Depending on the children’s age, the table/desk must be of appropriate height and have some storage space, while the chair should be very comfortable and fit into the overall design.

A Relaxing Nook

Contrary to what we adults think, childhood is not all fun and games, and sometimes kids (especially some with different interests) love to sit quietly, relax, read, think or simply imagining they are princes, princesses, superheroes, or magical creatures in the Wonderland. That comfy little corner doesn’t have to occupy a lot of space or include any complicated furniture – a few throw pillows on the ground, area rug, improvised tent, book shelf and baskets will be enough.

Something Personalized

Like all of us, kids love to have something of their own. The first notions of property they get comes with toys, but as they get older, they need their space, and what better way to make that space their own than by including something personalized, such as customized cushions, a wall hanging with their names, etc. As soon as they start developing their own tastes and interests, that personalization will also mean including them into the decorating process. They will get to say whether you will use green or blue paint, will they have a Batman or a Peter Pan theme. It’s important to give them that power, to build their confidence and your mutual trust.

Think of kids’ rooms as their small sanctuaries. There, they should have everything they need for a happy childhood. And although a quality bed with a comfortable mattress is the basis of it all, children need to grow up in an encouraging environment that will boost their confidence, inspire creativity and provoke curiosity and constant desire for adventure. To design such a space, you will need to include these five features.