Power Saving Features To Include In Your Eco-Home Design

Power Saving Features To Include In Your Eco-Home Design

If you are in the enviable position of designing and building your next home, It is wise to make it as eco-friendly as you can. We hear rumors all the time about the lack of generating capacity in the country and that we may be subject to power cuts at any time. Couple that fact with the rising cost of gas and electricity, and efficiency must come close to the top of the design requirements.


Jenny Downing

It isn’t difficult to think up a home that doesn’t cost a fortune to run. The technology that you need is already on the market, where you can choose the best systems. You will find some useful advice here, to help clarify the subject. Then you can approach your architect with a list of requirements for the design.

Insulation Properties

Though insulation is an easy subject to grasp, lateral thinking will suggest the use of alternative construction methods. You don’t have to build a cavity wall and pump it full of foam to make it snug. Some houses use bales of straw protected by rendering. It sounds strange doesn’t it? The straw is robust when it is compressed, and the insulating properties are excellent. It also speeds up the build, so you save money on the cost of construction.

If you want your home to blend in with nature, perhaps you are building it into a hillside, consider using a living roof. They have been around for many years now and are surprisingly easy to install and maintain. The experts in the field understand how to use the various layers of waterproofing materials and moisture-retaining products. In the right combination, they keep the plants healthy and the water draining well. They have incredible insulating properties, and the little creatures will thank you for lending them a helping hand.

Power From The Sun

Modern production methods mean that efficient solar panels in Perth are affordable to the masses at last. Thousands of people are taking advantage of the free power from the sun to slash their bills at home. They export the energy they don’t use onto the grid and earn money from it. That offsets the electricity they use at night. If you have enough panels, it could mean that your electricity bill reduces to only the standing charge. I’m sure you like that idea.

Solar water heaters are efficient units that keep your tank piping hot all year round. As long as the sky is clear and the sun is shining, they work well. The heater pipes are in clear vacuum tubes to they can soak up the solar radiation and transfer it to the water.

If the government deregulates the energy industry further, we can all expect to see prices skyrocket. Some people already must choose whether to keep warm or to eat. If you think about efficiency in every aspect of the design, you could protect against the effects of future prices and shortages. That brings a peace of mind that is priceless. If you invest wisely, you could do away with mains supplies. I guess that would be living the dream.