How to create a Victorian style bathroom

How to create a Victorian style bathroom

There is something special about Victorian interiors. Maybe it’s the classical, sophisticated appearance that they possess. Regardless of advancements in decor, there will always be a place in British homes for Victorian decor.  Victorian bathrooms in particular have stood the test of time. They have become synonymous with luxury, with many of Britain’s finest hotels using them to make a grandee statement.  In this article, I will highlight a number of steps that you can take to create a Victorian style bathroom.

Incorporate suitable fixtures

If you already have a cast iron bath, then you’re heading in the right direction. Cast Iron baths are great for achieving the classic Victorian look. You will probably have noticed these baths in TV programmes that were set during Queen Victoria’s reign.  While cast iron baths have been reinvented quite a lot over the years, they still possess that Victorian charm.

Opt for a pedestal style sink rather than a vanity mounted option, this will lend a delicate look that compliments Victorian style brilliantly. The toilet isn’t as important as the bath and sink, but it could be an option to use a toilet seat cover that is in fitting with the Victorian style.

Incorporate intricate items

No Victorian bathroom is complete without charming, intricate items. Luxurious tufted benches, stools and chairs are all common features.  Another common feature of the Victorian bathroom is furniture that features crown moulding. If you are lucky enough to have the space available, incorporate a carved, crown moulding dressing table and complete the look with an intricately shaped gold or silver mirror frame.  The best place to find Victorian items is at your local antiques store. Not only will you save money, but it’s likely that the furniture will be produced to a higher quality.

Don’t be afraid of opulent accessories

Victorian bathrooms often have a dramatic look about them, so don’t be afraid to incorporate opulent accessories. Dress the windows with solid shutters, these do a great job in helping you to achieve an authentic Victorian appearance. If you want to create a more decorative look, delicate sheer curtains might be a better option.  If there is a shower stall in your bathroom, you can hide this using a tasteful, Victorian print shower curtain. To add more interest to your bathroom, display a tasteful painting in an ornate gold frame.

Opt for floor tiles in popular Victorian colours

Flooring played an important part during the Victorian era when homeowners would use it as a means to showcase their wealth. The majority of Victorian style bathrooms feature black and white floor tiles which are great for creating a dramatic, luxury appearance. To create an authentic Victorian bathroom, incorporate black and white porcelain floor tiles. By using these colours, you can create a classic bathroom that isn’t going to look dated any time soon. Another option is to use white or crème floor tiles; these can potentially make your bathroom appear larger than it actually is. Don’t be afraid to use contemporary style, many of its elements can actually complement Victorian decor. Take a look at Direct Tile Warehouses Cream Floor Tile range for some inspiration.


To create a truly authentic Victorian look, textured walls are important – but this doesn’t mean that you have to tile them.  Vintage wallpaper that features a floral or damask pattern can work well in a Victorian style bathroom. That being said, tiled walls are a lot more practical than wallpaper.  To ensure that you’re in keeping with the Victorian style, use colours such as white, crème, mauve or blue gray. As mentioned above, a tasteful painting in an ornate gold frame can be used to add another point of interest.

This article was written by David at Direct Tile Warehouse