My Ideas For A More Energy Efficient Home This Spring

My Ideas For A More Energy Efficient Home This Spring

I’m so glad spring is finally here! The environment is at it’s brightest and liveliest at this time of year. And it’s not only nature that is more energetic in the spring, but we humans are too. There is something about this season that makes us take stock of our lives and consider where improvements can be made.

One of the main things we things we review at this time is our homes. Enter the spring clean! While you are doing your annual household project, why not take this opportunity to consider how you can make your home more energy efficient? No matter what time of year it is, there are always ways to improvements that can be made to reduce our costs and our impact on the environment. Let’s take a look:

Put your tumble dryer into hibernation

It should be warm enough now to dry your clothes on a clothes horse indoors, or a line outdoors. If you think you might forget, or that others in your household might, put a sign up on the dryer as a reminder.

Give your air conditioning system some attention

Regular professional air conditioning maintenance is important. If there is a problem with the unit, it could be affecting its efficiency which could drive up energy usage and costs for you. Make sure you change the filter regularly as the dust will also reduce the efficiency.

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Seal it up

The winter weather can wreak havoc on our homes. You may notice that old cracks or gaps in your foundations have reopened, or new ones have formed. Take some time to check your home is as sealed as possible. Particular areas that you should pay attention to include doors, windows, walls, and floorboards. Caulk or weatherstripping can be used to close up any gaps you come across. This will prevent hot air from seeping into your home during the summer months.

Replace bulbs

If you have indoor or outdoor bulbs that need to be replaced, consider choosing energy efficient products, if you haven’t already. Compact fluorescent lamps and LEDs are two of the best energy saving options.

Open windows

On a mild day, allow the natural breeze to come through open windows. It’s a completely free and completely green method of cooling down your home!

Reduce the water temperature

Your water pipes will begin to warm up in the spring and summer so there is no need to have your water temperature up as high as you had it during the winter. Reduce the temperature of your water as the weather heats up.

Summer up your meals

We naturally tend to eat colder food as the weather warms up. This is a great change, as it means we rely much less on the oven and microwave. Begin looking up and getting excited about recipes for delicious and healthy summer salads and other cold dishes.

Thank you for reading my ideas on how to make your home more energy efficient and eco-friendly. I hope you find the information here of use.