How To Create An Energy Efficient Kitchen Space In Seven Simple Steps

How To Create An Energy Efficient Kitchen Space In Seven Simple Steps

If you want to make sure that your lifestyle is eco-friendly, your kitchen is an excellent place to start. The kitchen uses the most energy in the entire home, which means that it could be a real drain on your power and money. Before you start the job, you need to assess how efficient things are at the moment. Once you know whether you are wasting energy, you can figure out what you need to do next.

It doesn’t have to be super expensive to change your kitchen for the better. In fact, this project should not cost you a great deal at all. You will also find that, in the long run, these changes will save you loads of money. That means you will make back the cash that you spend on the project. The more energy you can save in your home, the better things will be for you and your family. Being eco-friendly is crucial if you want to stop the destruction of the planet and help with the solution. If you feel that it is time to revamp your kitchen, let’s get started. Follow these seven simple steps.

Step 1 – Install ventilation windows

If you have an air conditioning unit in your kitchen, you are wasting power for no reason. Sometimes, when you are cooking, you will find that the room gets smoky, and you need to get rid of the fumes. When that happens, most people turn on their AC and hope that it will solve the issue fast. Using an electronic system is a real waste of energy. Instead, you can get ventilation windows for your kitchen. The windows have special slats that open when you twist them. That means that you can let the smoke out without having to open the windows fully.

Step 2 – Get a water meter

If there is even the slightest leak in your plumbing system, you could be wasting water every day. It is your duty to keep tabs on how much water you use. That means that you need to find a way to keep track of it. You can now get a meter that tracks how much water you use. If you get a high-tech system, it might even have a leak detection feature. That means that if your pipes start to leak, the system will shut the water off.



Step 3 – Replace your floors

Many old fashioned kitchens tend to have stone floors. The main issue with this style of flooring is that it can be cold. When you are in the kitchen, you might have the temptation to turn the heading on because the cold will rise from the floor. If you get some hardwood flooring from a bargain outlet you could solve this issue once and for all. Wooden floors tend to be much warmer than other types of material. That means that you won’t have to waste as much energy on heating your kitchen area, and the room will look incredible.

Step 4 – Source eco-friendly material

If you want to get new surfaces for your kitchen units, it would be a good idea to source eco-friendly materials. Whenever you want to buy something from a particular vendor, you can ask them where they get their materials from. Once you know where the things come from, you can make a decision about whether you want to buy them. If you always choose recycled material, you will not have a negative impact on the planet. For example, you could get a recycled surface for half the price of a normal one. If you are super creative, you could even upcycle some material yourself and make a kitchen surface.

Step 5 – Create a compost box

Rather than throwing out food waste, you should make a compost box in your kitchen. When you cook vegetables, for example, there is always waste. You don’t want to throw parts of the veg out when you can use them. Choose a large box to use for your waste so that you can start making your heap. All you need to do is use the box to store any food waste that you don’t use in your cooking. Over time, the veg will start to become compost. You can use the mixture on your vegetable patch outside to help nurture your plants.



Step 6 – Make a herb rack

If you are forever buying expensive herbs, you should quit it right now. Instead, you can start a rack in your window. Plant some of your favorite herbs, such as basil and oregano, in some plant pots. You can buy plants that have already started to grow or just get some seeds. You will need to make sure that you tend to your plants on a daily basis so that they grow large. When you are cooking, you can use herbs from the rack to make your meals taste delicious. You can even freeze some of the herbs so that you always have them when you need them.

Step 7 – Check the efficiency of your electronics

You need to know whether each of your electronic devices is efficient or not. Most modern appliances have an efficiency rating on them. You should find the rating on the bottom of the device or on the label. If the gadget is old, you might need an electrician to come and look at it. If there is an appliance that is inefficient, you will need to change it for a new one. Sure, this might mean that you have to buy new devices, but it will save you loads of money on your electricity bills.

When you undertake this project, you need to make sure that everything you do improves your house. If your home is eco-friendly, it means that you will save loads of money on a monthly basis. It also means that you are helping to save the planet – something that few people bother to do. Start making changes in your home right now so that you save energy in the future.