How to Live an Eco-Friendly Life

How to Live an Eco-Friendly Life

Living an eco-friendly life is an extremely smart thing to do. You might think that nothing will affect you, but what about your children, and their children? Living an eco-friendly life is in their best interests. We only have one world. Looking after it is imperative. Use this guide to get started with some of the easiest methods:

Turn Everything Off at The End of the Day

You might think that leaving that little red light shining all night long won’t make a difference, but it does make a pretty big one. By turning everything off at the end of the day, you’ll help the environment and save a lot of money over the course of a year.

Read the News Online

Instead of buying the newspaper every day, read the news online. You probably already do this. Newspapers are obsolete now anyway…just think of the trees you could be saving.

Recycle Properly

If you don’t recycle at all, getting started is the first step. Separate the rubbish from the things you can recycle. Things you can recycle will vary depending on where you live. Do your research so you know you’re recycling the right things. It does take more effort than just throwing things in the bin, but it’s worth it.


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Never Leave Taps Running

Leaving taps running while you’re doing the washing up or brushing your teeth is a huge waste of water. You could be wasting litres of the stuff per day, and it’s valuable stuff. Only use as much water as you need – make sure you only fill the kettle and boil the amount you need, as well as trying to take showers rather than baths.

Go Solar

If you want to make an investment for the future, you could go solar. It’ll cost you some money up front, but your electricity bills will be dramatically reduced as you help to clear the environment. Corospark boast of their long lasting systems, and there’s nothing quite like getting your energy from a renewable source. It’s definitely worth it in the long run!

Go Paperless

Go online and pay your bills there. Take a look at the small print on every important letter you receive; chances are, you’ll have the option to go paperless by signing up online.

Set Your Heating Automatically

If you know the times you’re home, out, and in certain rooms, you can make it so your heating is automatic. Set it higher when you’re in and have it switch off when you’re out. Never heat an empty house!

Turn The Thermostat Down a Notch

By simply turning the thermostat down a notch, you can save so much money over the course of a year. Just take a look at these stats to convince you.

Of course there are a million and one more things you can do to live an eco-friendly life. Start off slowly and build yourself up until you’re an eco-friendly machine! If you have any tips for our readers, leave a comment.