6 Amazing Low Cost Ways To Keep Warm At Home

6 Amazing Low Cost Ways To Keep Warm At Home

Although spring is on the way, it is still incredibly cold outside. And, that is why our homes are still rather cold too.

Keeping our homes warm through the colder months can not only be expensive but it can also waste energy and have negative effects on the environment.

But, aren’t there ways you can stay warm without spending too much or damaging the world? Yes – there are plenty of simple ways you can do this.


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For our guide to six amazing low-cost ways you can keep warm at home this spring (without turning on the heating), have a read of this.

  1. Buy a draught excluder

You would be surprised by how much of a difference a draught excluder can make to the warmth of your home. Not only can a draught excluder prevent cold draughts from circulating in your home, it can also prevent warm air from escaping out of gaps.

Invest in draught excluders for any windows or doors that let a draught into your home, and you will notice an immediate difference.

  1. Place blankets around your home

Pop thick blankets and shawls around your home, so that you can keep warm without having to turn the heating on. Thick cotton and wool blankets are the best choice, as they are excellent insulators.

By placing blankets around the house, when you notice the air is a little chilly you can reach for a blanket before turning on the heating. This will not only keep you feeling warm and toasty, but it will also help to reduce your energy usage.

  1. Let the sun into your home

On days when the sun is shining, open your curtains and allow the sun to shine into your home and heat it up naturally. You would be surprised by how much of a difference some natural heat can make to the warmth of your home.

Just make sure to close the curtains once the sun disappears again. Otherwise, the room may become cold again.

  1. Invest in warm bedding

To make sure that you stay cozy at night, invest in some warm bedding. Buy some thick cotton sheets, a duck feather duvet, rustic bedding, and woolen throws, and use them to keep warm at night.

Wool is an excellent insulator and is great for keeping you warm. Make sure to invest in some woolen blankets or even, some woollen clothing.

  1. Shut the doors

Instead of leaving the inside doors open, close each room’s door. This will help to keep the heat in and any draughts out.

For best results, aim to keep all inside doors closed or pulled to, at all times.

  1. Leave the oven door open

After cooking, don’t close the oven door, leave it open to let the heat out into the house. If you have a kitchen that joins onto your living room, open the kitchen door to let the oven heat escape out.

Leaving the oven door open is an excellent way to add some heat to your home, that would otherwise be wasted.