Is it Worth it to Remove a Swimming Pool?

Is it Worth it to Remove a Swimming Pool?

A swimming pool in your yard is an attractive proposition, right? Not always, because a pool requires constant maintenance, and they are expensive to run. There are many reasons homeowners choose to have their pool removed, so let’s have a look at some of those reasons and see if we can help you decide.

Reasons for Removing a Pool

There are several pitfalls to having your own pool according to Houston Pool Demolition who are among the leading names in expert pool demolition. Here are the obvious ones:

  Cost is among the most popular reasons for having a pool removed. There is the cost of maintenance, the electricity cost for the pumps, filters, and heating, and the cost of the water which will need topping up thanks to evaporation. It is not only the pool itself that requires constant attention but the ground around it also.

  Time needs to be taken every week – sometimes even every day – to check the water and add any of the chemicals that may be required. These are expensive substances that are essential in keeping your pool clean and safe.

  Repairs are needed more often than you may realize when you are running a pool. These vary from small corrections to large and costly repairs such as replacing a liner or a broken filter system.

  Insurance policies for domestic properties with a pool are much more costly that those without. This is because of the possible dangers of a pool and associated potential injury. Many families with young children will not buy a property with a pool.

  Space may be at a premium in which case your pool is taking up a large area of your property that you may want to use for something else. Not everyone wants a pool, and there are other projects that might have greater appeal.

These are the main reasons for removing a pool, and you may have others that have come to mind. Let’s consider what the impact is of having a pool or otherwise when it comes to the value of your property.

Pools and Property Values

In most cases a pool will add value to a property. Yet as we have seen above there are drawbacks to having a pool. The benefit of your own pool is that it is there for all the family to use. Yet you simply need to revisit the above points to recognize that a pool is a considerable amount of work.

If you want to sell your home with a pool you might find that quite a large proportion of potential buyers consider one off-putting. They will either have to dedicate time to the upkeep or hire a pool company at expensive rates to do the job for you.

Having a pool demolished is not an easy decision to make. We recommend that you talk to a local real estate adviser for the bigger picture, and see what the overall impact will be.