The Best (and Worst) Ways to Fix a Clogged Shower Drain

The Best (and Worst) Ways to Fix a Clogged Shower Drain

A blocked shower drain is not an unusual problem. Plenty of potential debris can cause a blockage – loose hair especially – and while some blockages can be easy to deal with using DIY methods, others may present a bigger task. Here are the best ways to fix a clogged shower drain, and we’ll also talk about a method that is not recommended but might be necessary.

Remove Visible Blockages

The first step is to physically remove any obvious blockages. If you can see a lot of hair, you can take it out by hand. This does not mean you will have cleared the blockage, as there may be more blockages further down the drain. The next step is one that has been used to clear blockages for many years.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

This trick uses household items: pour dish soap into your drain, then add a cup baking soda, and a cup of white vinegar. Leave for five minutes and then was the drain by pouring boiling water down. The mixture should have dissolved some of the blockage. Repeat the process a few times, but there is one problem. The mixture is extremely corrosive. Do not leave it for more than five minutes, and if you have an older plumbing system this method is not recommended.

Using a Shower Snake

A drain blockage is easy to spot. You may find it is slow to drain, and in some cases water may come back up the drain into the tray. If the above method has not solved your problem, you may want to buy a shower or drain snake. This is a long flexible device that you push into the drain to try and dislodge any blockages. You might need to push the snake as far down as possible – they are available in many lengths – as the blockage could be deep in the system. Once used, run water down the drain to see if it has done the job.

The Last Resort – Chemical Products

In today’s world many people are averse to using chemical products for household maintenance and repairs. Sometimes there is no alternative. If you have tried all the above – and we also recommend you try using a plunger – without success you may have to go to your local hardware store and ask advice on the appropriate products. If you’re considering this option we recommend you take a moment and think about getting the professionals in, and we want to finish we a few words explaining why this is a good idea.

Regular Maintenance

A professional drain cleaning and maintenance company will be able to locate the problem and fix it using the best and latest techniques and equipment. You may wish to engage them to perform maintenance on your drains a couple of times a year, a preventative measure that will save you considerable money over time. We hope we’ve given you some ideas about keeping your shower and other drains clear of blockages.