Interior Design Ideas Suitable For The 21st Century

Interior Design Ideas Suitable For The 21st Century

Rooms in our homes go through major transformations every year until after a couple of decades the home is barely recognisable. We all love to upgrade the interior design and fixtures, I guess we just need something to pass our time. Humans suffer with creative abilities.

Renovating a room can be an expensive business, and that is why most of us can only work on one room every few years. If, like me, you are environmentally aware, you are happy to pay a little bit extra for paint that will cause no harm and furniture made from sustainable timber sources.

So what projects could we carry out in our homes that would bring them firmly into the 21st century? Let’s explore the possibilities, room by room.

The Bathroom

If you’re tired bathroom still comprises an avocado coloured suite and swirl carpet, it will definitely benefit from an upgrade. To begin with, it is important that that green suite be replaced with a modern white alternative. The exact style of the suite will only become apparent when you see it, as the one that you will buy is purely a matter of personal choice.

The walls and floor of the bathroom should be tiled using an almost plain design. Maybe the tiles will have a stone or marble effect to add a feeling of opulence to the room.

The quality of the taps and accessories speaks volumes about the quality of the entire installation. It would be a shame if you were to spoil the look of the bathroom with cheap taps and towel rails.

The Bedroom

The bedroom is often the room in the home that comes last when money is available for renovations. It doesn’t get the attention it deserves in most homes and yet it is arguably the most important room in the house. It is our refuge and place of rest. Many people buy a complete bedroom suite when they see how beautiful it looks in the showroom. The suites aren’t always perfectly suited to the rooms, however. Often they are too big, too small, or just don’t offer enough useful storage space. This is why fitted bedroom furniture is becoming ever more popular. We accept that kitchens and bathrooms are fitted; why not bedrooms? Have the bedroom of your dreams installed just the way you want. Bedrooms aren’t what they used to be.

The Kitchen

Even if you live in a country cottage, there is no need to be apologetic about fitting a cutting-edge kitchen. Kitchen installations are often very expensive, so sink as much money into it as you can afford and live the dream. The most up to date designs now include features such as doors without handles and island sinks. All of the appliances except for the cookers are hidden away behind the sleek lines of the cabinets. The cupboard doors in new kitchen designs come in amazingly bright colours and composite materials that allow for a deep gloss finish that simply oozes quality.

No matter what style of home you live in, it can be brought firmly into the 21st century easily. Some may think that modern rooms aren’t suited to older properties but if it is to your taste, then go for it. The chances are that, within twenty years or so, the projects will all need to be carried out again anyway. So there is no harm done and the interior of your home will look stunning.



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