How To Landscape And Be Eco Friendly All In One

How To Landscape And Be Eco Friendly All In One


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Landscaping and being kind to the environment don’t seem as if they go together, but they do. Just because you are rearranging and designing natural areas around you doesn’t have to signal the end of the Earth. In fact, it is the opposite. Saving the environment can start right in your backyard and all you need to do it is follow these simple tips. Without a doubt, your garden will be a lot ‘greener’ as a result.

Reuse Materials

Just take a look around the surrounding area. There will be lots of materials that you think are useless, but they are not. Things such as excess wood or broken flower pots can be recycled and used again in your garden for a green effect. For example, you could use the wood to create a patio or decking if you have enough of it lying around your property. If you don’t, get down to your local builders or scrap yard and look for reusable equipment.

Synthetic Turf

It is fake, but it is just as good as the real thing. Honestly, you can’t tell the difference between real grass and synthetic turf. It grows the same and looks the same, but, most importantly, it doesn’t require the same amount of maintenance. That is what makes synthetic turf so friendly to the environment; you don’t need to water it as much. Synthetic turf will save you a lot of money on your water bill and the amount of water you use.

Reduce The Space

The less space you have, the less maintenance it needs. And, the less maintenance it needs, the less energy you spend on your garden. All you have to do is replace the lawn space with low maintenance plants. For example, pick plants that last for whole months without too much attention.

Choose The Right Supplier

At some point during your landscaping project, you are going to need to source materials to decorate the area. It might be your garden or it might be a piece of public land that you are renovating. Whatever the job, you can make it eco-friendly by partnering with the right people. Choose companies that are devoted to designing, but that are also devoted to the environment as well, such as True Grid. They have a variety of products that are designed to look good, but also not harm the environment in the process.

Style To Save Energy

Just a few simple style tips and you can save an incredible amount of energy. All it takes is a strategically placed tree, or channelling summer breezes from the backyard. The shade of a tree or the breeze coming in from the garden will reduce energy usage in properties next to eco-friendly landscaping.


If you do happen to cut down a tree or tear up a plant, just replant them. For every living thing that you have to move or dislodge because of landscaping, make sure you regenerate them two fold. As a result, you have created more plants and trees for the environment.