What Makes The Best Eco Garden?

What Makes The Best Eco Garden?

There are many times through the seasons where you may wish you could use your outdoor space more effectively. It’s not easy when the weather can be so often against us. With a little planning on recycled paper, it is possible to design a garden. It should be economically viable, environmentally friendly, and a wonderful space to enjoy when the sun shines.

First of all, you want your garden to pay for itself. If you can use your space to grow some of your food that is great. You may want to test the soil first. If the dirt in your yard isn’t up to much, it is possible to replace it, or build up some raised beds with fresh, new, mineralised earth inside. You can build your raised beds with reclaimed wood like old timbers or sleepers. Alternatively, old bricks, or rejected bricks can be used.

If you are creating a veggie or herb garden in your yard, you will also want to keep a separate area aside for composting your food waste. This cycle of growth and rotting back into the earth is a natural process and provides more enriched feed for your soil. Composting in built-up areas should be done in a neighbor friendly way to make sure rodents and unpleasant odors don’t takeover your yard!

Flowers are beautiful and fragrant, and form a huge part of any successful garden. You can choose flowers for your garden that thrive in your soil type. It’s possible to color co-ordinate or plant by flowering season so you can have color almost all year round. Some people particularly enjoy rockeries, and these make great places for mini beasts to live in. Attracting wildlife to your garden is good for nature. Insects like bees and butterflies are essential to our ecosystem, so try to keep high pollen species if your hayfever can bear it!

Now you have thought about what to plant, you need to think about watering the plants in dry seasons. You can use water butts and a drain reclaimer to harvest rainwater. If you install a pond, try to use a pump that recycles to water to minimize your need to top up from the tap in hot weather.

If you are taking on a big garden landscaping project, you may want to find a good backyard design company in phoenix or near to you that can help with design and landscaping. There are several components to any garden, but you may need some help if you want any hard landscaping done. You may want to build a patio or deck so you can enjoy eating outdoors. It is possible you will need a gazebo or covered seating area to keep direct sun off you on a hot day. You may even want to build a pool!


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Whatever ideas you come up with for your garden, there are many ideas and options for even the smallest of outdoor spaces. There are even ways to help nurture the environment with what you do. Using reclaimed or recycled building materials can be a good way to keep your costs down.