How to choose a carpet cleaning company

We’re living in the use-and-throw age, where restoration and repair of the old or existing isn’t much of an option. It’s the age of throwing away the old and buying the new. Yet, there are some things that can’t really be changed every few days, or even months. One such thing is the carpet. It’s as much an investment as your house is, and needs to be maintained and cleaned regularly, not only to keep your home looking sparklingly fresh but also to ensure total hygiene for you and your loved ones. Except for occasional vacuuming, there’s very little you can do by yourself to keep your carpet clean. It’s a task that requires professional expertise, which can be somewhat difficult to choose if you don’t know what you’re looking for. So what should you look at when choosing a good and efficient carpet cleaning company? Is it the price, or the services included in the package, or the guarantee they provide for the cleaning job? Actually, it’s a combination of all this, and more. Here’s a checklist of the things you’d do well to keep in mind while selecting an efficient and reliable carpet cleaning company.

Look for trained and insured carpet cleaners

Yes, there’s actually an international certification body that ensures adherence to stringent cleaning standards for your carpet. The IICRC is a Certification and Standards Developing Organization which has a large global network of services that span inspection, cleaning and restoration industries. With offices in the UK, Usa, Japan, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, it’s your guide to certified technicians who you can trust with your precious carpet. Steam carpet cleaning, dry carpet cleaning, low moisture carpet cleaning and the popular systems. So be sure to confirm that you’re going to a registered, certified company that knows its job, and knows it well.

Services that should be included

Carpet cleaning is, unfortunately, a recurring cost that you’ll end up incurring every now and then, at least till your old carpet wears off enough for you to decide to replace it. Naturally, then, you’d want the best value for your money. And the only good way of obtaining that is to make sure you get the maximum out of the cleaning package the carpet cleaning company is offering.

You can start by confirming that the cost of moving the furniture is included in the total package amount. After all, you wouldn’t want to pay extra for just getting the furniture shifted around while cleaning the carpet in every room, would you?

Also, a professional carpet cleaning company will provide you with a detailed pre-cleaning inspection facility, to ensure that the technicians come well prepared, with all the necessary equipment, on the day of the cleaning. Such inspection also enables the company to provide you with an estimate on your carpet cleaning task. When it comes to the equipment, truck-mounted machines are believed to be the most powerful for cleaning dirty carpets, as they virtually suck out the dust and the molds which can be bad for your health and hygiene.

And finally, it’s important that the company is fully transparent in sharing with you the various steps in delivering a perfect cleaning job. This way, you’ll be clear about what they’re actually going to do for your carpet, and also be sure that you’re not getting cheated out of any crucial part of the cleaning job.

Check out the cleaning package

When it comes to the actual cleaning process, do check out that the company you’re choosing is equipped and prepared to do a thorough and methodical job. It might be a good idea to check out their credentials, past track record, and even references if possible.

As for what a meticulous job would include, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Removal of the dry soil as well as the soil suspension extracts is a must-have in a good carpet cleaning package. So the company you’ve selected should include in its package all the necessary chemicals and equipment needed for this. An effective soil cleaning process may include a range of methods – from wet to dry vacuuming, rinsing and even absorption of chemicals. Absorption is the most popular method used by most cleaners, as you’ll discover once you start looking around for carpet cleaning companies.

Another important aspect of carpet cleaning to be kept in mind is that the cleaners should be equipped to handle stains. While some stains can’t be completely eliminated from carpets, most good cleaners are able to remove the spots and the stains to a significant extent. And finally, of course, the cleaners should really be well qualified to clean out the molds from your lovely carpet.

Some other cleaning facilities generally included in carpet cleaning packages are clearing of furniture indentations and proper drying (usually less than 24 hours but good cleaners would do it in as little as two hours). A company that has the expertise to deliver on all these counts is obviously your best choice.

Want to go green

While the thought of restoring your carpet back to its original clean and sparkling self is tempting, you’re naturally worried about the effect of all those harsh chemicals on your health and that of your family members.  Fortunately, there are many companies now-a-days that offer an organic, eco-friendly cleaning option for your carpet.   Using chemical-free, organic cleaning, they provide an environmentally safe cleaning method, which works great for your family’s health too.

Post carpet cleaning tips

Post-cleaning precautions are a vital aspect of a good carpet cleaning job. Your cleaners should be able to give you excellent tips on how to use the carpet and what types of shoes are good to walk on it immediately after cleaning. For instance, you shouldn’t be walking on a freshly cleaned, possibly damp carpet as that may cause you to slip and fall. The company should also be able to guide you on how to expedite the drying process and how to ensure that the carpet remains clean longer, thereby minimizing the need for very frequent cleaning.


Carpet cleaning warrington is an essential household activity, though the frequency of the job depends on the usage. If your carpet is exposed to heavy use, such as is usual in large families with a lot of smoking and maybe even multiple pets, then it needs more frequent cleaning. Light-use carpets would naturally need less frequent cleaning.

Whether your carpet needs a complete clean-out or just spot cleaning is another factor that you should keep in mind while checking out your cleaning options. There’s no sense in exposing the entire carpet to machines and chemicals if all it needs is removal of one or two spots or stains. After all, there are cost and time factors involved in the activity. So look closely at your cleaning requirements and choose accordingly.

And remember, while you may prefer to change your carpet once it starts looking dirty and grimy, getting it cleaned up is a more cost-effective option. Getting it regularly cleaned up, or as often as needed, would ensure that it’ll remain as good as new for a long time. It’s like your old car in some ways. The better maintained it is, the better and longer it’s likely to give you perfect service.

We recommend that should you have an issue re your carpet seek professional help from warrington carpet cleaners.