Smart Home Solutions for Package Deliveries

Smart Home Solutions for Package Deliveries

One of the biggest problems most of us face because we can buy virtually everything online nowadays, is parcels being intercepted by thieves or not being in to accept deliveries. While the latter is just very frustrating, the former problem can be very costly, as you may not be able to retrieve your stolen goods or even get a refund, because in the delivery company’s eyes they’ve successfully delivered it.

However, thanks to some ingenious solutions and various smart technologies, there are ways you can make missed deliveries and stolen packages a thing of the past.

Amazon Lockers

You’ve probably seen these big orange contraptions popping up in supermarkets and department stores. Even if you’ve never used one. These are essentially drop off points for your Amazon deliveries. Instead of having them delivered to your home, particularly if you know you are not going to be at the property, or there is a good chance you won’t be, you can have your orders delivered there. Once it has been successfully delivered, you are given a special code that will give you access to your package.

Security Camera

There is no sensible thief on the planet that would even attempt to steal a package even if it was left on your doorstep if there’s CCTV cameras installed around your property. You can even incorporate these kinds of security cameras with cutting-edge video doorbells that enable you to see exactly who is at your door and whether they are there on official business or to try and do something criminal.

Smart Solutions

Following on nicely from the smart doorbells mentioned above there are actually some new smart tech solutions that mean there will be no more porch pirates and missed deliveries. Three solutions that you should consider are eDOR, eBOX and eTETHR, a new range of products from the start-up eDOR.

eDOR – This is by far the most comprehensive solution that involves a special replacement door being installed into your property that incorporates either one single eBOX or multiple eBOXes and can be customized in terms of colors and style to suit your property. It solves the problem of missed deliveries and stolen packages by providing a place where the packages can be delivered within your door.

eBOX – The eBOX is a simpler IoT solution that consists of a contracting and expanding robotic box that can be purchased in a variety of different sizes to suit your needs. This can be fitted as part of the above eDOR system or on its own into an exterior wall, a door, fence or even a gate. It provides a place for delivery personnel to store your packages securely and safely.

eTETHR – The eTETHR is an even simpler way to ensure your packages are delivered and kept secure. It consists of a multifunctional AV alarm system that features an electronic tether that can be connected to your packages, particularly those that are too big or cumbersome for the eBOX or eDOR solutions. The benefit of this device is that it can be installed just about anywhere and works on its own.