How Secure Is Your Home?

How Secure Is Your Home?

It’s better to consider how secure your home is before, rather than after, you’ve been burgled. It’s not a very comforting scenario to think about, but it’s better to be prepared than to pick up the pieces afterwards. So how secure is your home? Here are some precautions you can use to deter an unwelcome visitor.

Door Chain

When you’re at home you might not think your house would be vulnerable, but how many of us leave the front door unlocked when we’re in? Fitting a good quality door chain will stop any sneak thief from gaining entry while you’re preoccupied. There are also versions which employ a metal bar. This is a budget friendly security option that has the benefit of being simple to install.

Window Alarms

Another budget friendly option is a breakage alarm that you fit to your windows. This works by sensing when someone breaks your window and then sets off an alarm, alerting anyone nearby. The alarm will hopefully scare off an intruder before they have chance to take anything.

Burglar Alarm System

A full home security option is the burglar alarm. This usually consists of a keypad near the front door, and motions sensors which you can place strategically to ensure full coverage of your rooms. Other options include door and window sensors which work when a magnetic seal is broken. You can also opt for remote control activation so you can set or reset the alarm from outside.

Dummy Alarm Box

For the appearance of having a full alarm system, a dummy alarm box mounted on the front of your house can be a good deterrent. A would be passing burglar will see the dummy box, and keep on walking. It’s cheap and effective and won’t cost a fortune.

CCTV Cameras

The price of CCTV cameras has come down over the years, making this a viable option for the security conscious amongst us. CCTV cameras can be bought as a full kit, with a digital recorder and several cameras. The digital recorder can be linked to your televisions so you can monitor your home as well as view recorded footage. Not only do these cameras operate in daylight, they also switch to infra red at night, so you can pick up an intruder in total darkness. If the unfortunate happens, the footage can be used by the police as evidence.

Intercom System

Being able to answer the door, without being near it is useful for those who feel vulnerable. A video enabled system sends a live picture to the intercom handset enabling you to welcome the visitor, or ignore unwelcome ones. Useful for the elderly, it means they can let visitors in without having to struggle if they have mobility issues. These systems are usually fitted to apartments with a shared front door.

Being secure is all very good, but what if you accidentally lock yourself out? It might be an idea to have the number of some locksmiths in London saved to your phone, and you could also consider leaving a spare key with a friend or a neighbour. You never know when you may need it.