8 Handy Hints To Stay Warm Without Spending A Penny

8 Handy Hints To Stay Warm Without Spending A Penny

Summer doesn’t last forever, and those nights can get awfully cold sometimes. Do you want to know how to keep everything nice and warm, without touching that thermostat? Read on for some unusual tips that you probably never thought of before

  1. Keep the doors closed

Keeping doors shut to rooms you aren’t using can help keep the heat in. It will also prevent colder air from moving around the house, while air that you’ve already made warm stays put. Even closing closet doors can help.

  1. Change the rotation of ceiling fans

This is one that the majority of people will never be aware of. Ceiling fan rotation needs to be altered to stay in tune with the change of the seasons. A fan at low speed, moving clockwise, can move warm down into the room. Aside from helping you to stay warm, it can also lower your electricity bill!

  1. Switch the sheets on your bed

Sometimes the simple things are the most effective ones. The simple act of going for cotton instead of flannel can make a big difference. So too can a down comforter and adding extra sheets to the bed. It takes just a few moments, but those nights don’t have to be spent shivering.

  1. Keep your floor toasty too

Rugs don’t just make a room look cosy, they make it feel cosy and warm too. In fact, rugs were invented for exactly that reason and not to make a room look good. A good rug can help stop cold air creeping up into the room from below. Walking around in the morning barefoot will be much more pleasant.

  1. Direct the heat that you have

A little simple DIY can go a very long way. If you already have the radiator on, why risk wasting some of the heat being generated? Just by placing tin foil behind the radiator can have a big impact. The heat is directed back into the room, instead of out of it through the wall.

  1. Switch off the exhaust fans

Head in to your bathroom, and your kitchen, and the fans off. These kinds of fans have a nasty habit of taking the hot air and throwing it outside. If you need to use them, turn them off when you are finished.

  1. Grab a hot water bottle

Yet again, simple but effective solutions. Hot water bottles, wrapped in something cosy perhaps, are great for snuggling into for warmth. If you don’t have one to hand, bags of warmed uncooked rice work too (just pop them in the microwave for a brief moment).

  1. Focus on you

When all is said and done, there is sometimes no good substitute for thick socks and sweaters. If there are two of you trying to keep warm, what could be better than getting cosy on a sofa with cups of cocoa?


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Keeping warm doesn’t have to mean spending anymore money on heating or insulation. In fact, a couple of these handy tips could actually help you save!