How Heavy Insulated Curtains Can Save You Energy and Money

Do you find that you have to put your heating up at night, even when all the curtains are closed throughout your home? It could be that it is time to change the type of drapes you have in your home, particularly in those areas where there is significant heat loss at the windows. One of the best solutions to this end is heavy insulated curtains. Don’t worry if you are completely new to this kind of window dressing or are not fully convinced of their benefits. In the following post we will discuss what makes them so special and how they could potentially save you on your energy usage and bills.

What are they?

Insulated curtains tend to be made of four important layers and are fully functioning energy-efficient systems. Their layers include:

  • The decorative layer of fabric on the outside
  • A reflective film layer for reflecting heat back towards the room
  • A barrier against vapour that prevents the foam layer, see below, from taking on moisture
  • A central high-density foam layer that provides heat and sound insulation

While a long time ago in the past there might have been a limited amount of choice when it came to insulated curtains, they are now available in a wide variety of styles. You can invest in side draws, hobbled, Roman-style and even just straight forward insulated curtains.

How Can they Reduce Energy Use?

Think of your windows as being like membranes. They help to let the warm and bright sunlight into your home, while keeping hot air in and cold air out, along with outside noises and smells. These are obviously very good things. However, depending on their design, they can also let a measure of cold air in and hot air escape. This heat loss and gain to have an adverse effect on the temperature of your home.

Interestingly, without any barrier at all, your windows could be causing you a loss of around 25% of either your cooled air or heated air, depending on what time of the year it is. As a result, your air conditioner or central heating will be continuing to work hard, when it much of its efforts are going to waste.

When you have heavy insulated curtains in your home though, you don’t have the same problem. These ingenious furnishings can actually provide protection against the four main forms of heat loss. This includes radiation, convection, infiltration and conduction. To put it in simpler terms, if you have insulated curtains, you will not lose as much heat.

This could be a massive benefit in all kinds of weather, throughout the year. During summer, insulated curtains will help to keep the cool air in your home cool and to stop it from escaping, while during winter, all the heated air in your property will be kept inside and won’t be cooled down.

It is likely that because they retain cooled or heated air better, you will not have to turn the dial up on your thermostat or air con. This means you will use less energy over time.