Gifts for the Eco lover

Gifts for the Eco lover

With the giving season just around the corner, what better way to show your affection for an eco lover than with green gifts?

In this blog, we take a look at the best products on the market for your more eco-conscious loved ones.

The Hansgrohe EcoSmart showerhead

Looking after our water, one of the most precious resources on the planet, is a great eco action.  Marrying style with savings, the Hansgrohe EcoSmart showerhead from SaveMoneyCutCarbon makes the perfect gift for those looking to save the planet and reduce their water bills. The showerhead ingeniously mixes air with water flow, cutting water use by more than 50% and saving on heating and pumping energy.

The Water Pebble

Even the most green-minded among us may be surprised by how much water we use through everyday activities, such as showering. The Water Pebble is the a great present for anyone looking to monitor and reduce their consumption of earth’s most important resource. This handy gadget tracks how much water goes down the plughole and lights up green, orange, and red to alert users when they are taking longer than usual. It also reduces stop-times by seven seconds on each use, helping to cut back on water use.

Petal Drops

If you want to help your environmentally-aware loved ones to make a significant difference to their water consumption, giving them a gadget like Petal Drops is a worthwhile investment. This budget eco product fits onto plastic bottles and is designed to harvest rainwater effectively.

Water recycling kits and bath/shower water diverters

To complete the water-saving collection, you could buy a water recycling kit and bath/shower water diverter to help your friend to easily recycle grey water for their garden.

LED light bulbs

You can help the eco lover in your life to make a difference to carbon emissions by giving them a set of LED light bulbs. These come in all shapes and sizes but match nearly all fittings and reduce power use by up to 85%. They also last for more than a decade, so create less landfill waste as well as a reduced carbon footprint.

You could also give a some LED solar garden lights, which can give up to eight hours of illumination per night – perfect for summer evenings.

Radios and speakers

If your earth-loving buddy is a music fan, why not give them a radio with a built-in battery charger? You could also splash out on some clever wireless solar speakers.

USB rechargeable batteries

If your main gift requires batteries, why not include some USB rechargeable batteries, like Moixa and USBCell models? These products help the planet by reducing the number of alkaline batteries being dumped every each. The smart batteries have a built-in USB plug and can be recharged from any USB charger.

Radiator booster

Cutting energy used in heating is easy with a radiator booster that sucks up lost heat from behind the radiator and circulates it quickly. This means that the recipient of your gift can turn down their thermostat and save money.


Eco-friendly clothing


When choosing clothing gifts, always try to buy garments made of organic cotton or bamboo, as these materials are both much kinder to the planet than more commonly used fabrics.


For gifts that keep on giving, buying environmentally-friendly items makes good sense, and, as you can see, there is a wide selection of products to choose from when it comes to getting presents that will help to save the planet. If you want to spread environmental awareness this Christmas, the aforementioned eco products are sure to do the trick.