How to Get Rid of Those Unwanted Trees in Your Garden

How to Get Rid of Those Unwanted Trees in Your Garden

Most people would love to have one or more mature trees in their garden. They make the space look natural and established. Indeed, many garden designers spend thousands on specimens that must be brought in by a lorry and planted with the help of a crane.

Sometimes a mature tree needs work or in the worst case, removal. There are many reasons this can happen. Perhaps it is too close to the house, and the roots are affecting the integrity of the foundations. Maybe it is the subject of a dispute with the neighbors, and you need a stress-free life. Leylandii trees have become the cause of many neighborly arguments and misery.

Whatever your reasons, here is how to get rid of those unwanted trees in your garden.


Contact your local authority to make sure that there is not a preservation order on the trees. If you fail to undertake this step, you could find yourself in hot water and liable for a hefty fine.


You can lose a limb if you have an accident with a chainsaw. Rickert Tree Service understand the risks and always wear the appropriate safety helmets, eye protection, and clothing. You could also take a course in the use of these tools if you need to build your confidence.



Trim The Branches

There is a correct way to prune the tree safely. It is designed to make sure that the branches fall cleanly without tearing the bark and timber back to where you are standing. Follow this advice.

  • Using a handsaw, cut a V in the bottom of the branch, about eighteen inches from the trunk. Make it about one-fifth of the thickness of the branch.
  • Saw into the top of the branch about six inches beyond the V cut.
  • Before you cut all the way through, the branch will break and the V cut will stop the tear underneath.
  • When the branch has dropped, you can cut the stump off close to the trunk safely.

The Trunk

Amateurs take their lives into their hands when cutting the trunk, especially if they cannot feel it in one go. If you are in a built-up area, you might have to climb a ladder and cut it down in sections. Before you make a cut, make sure that the section above cannot fall in your direction by tying ropes to it that are attached to something firm on the ground. Cut the trunk into small pieces until there is only a stump left.

The Stump

It can be a massive job to remove a tree stump. Instead, hire an expert to grind it. They use heavy-duty machinery that is not available to most DIY enthusiasts. After a couple of hours, it might look as if the tree never existed.

I think you will agree, cutting down trees is a dangerous and complicated business. It is an ideal time for you to think about cutting your energy bills by installing a log burner in your home. It is a shame to let that timber go to waste, so cut it into manageable sized logs and allow it to stand for a year. In twelve months, they could help to reduce the amount of energy you have to buy. That is good for the planet and good for your pocket. Who thought that the old tree would be so useful?


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