Why Having a Garden Office Shed is Great for The Environment

Why Having a Garden Office Shed is Great for The Environment

Freelancers around the world have varying opinions of where they should work, and where they are most productive. Some feel that working from home can be stressful if they live with kids etc… and sometimes they feel they cannot draw the line between work and relaxing.  Others feel that they should have a proper place of work away from the home, in an office – but this is arguably just like having a JOB… So where’s the middle ground in all of this?

The garden shed. Used for lawn mowers, bits of tree, hedge trimmers, bikes from 1997 and not a lot else. Imagine your shed being your home office… not in it’s current form obviously. You can easily turn your old office shed into a clean useable office, or if you’re starting from scratch – it’s even easier! You may have a lot of room in your garden and a home office shed might be the answer to fill it.

It’s kinda like leaving the house to go to work, so you get the work/relax divide, but also it’s not too far away and has all the comforts of home.

And the main benefit of this (besides the home/work balance) is the ENVIRONMENT. A home office in the shed is incredibly eco-friendly.

Office Sheds are well insulated

Office sheds are generally well insulated – just take a look at the sheds you can buy online from retailers like GardenBuildingsDirect.  Of course not as insulated as your home, but they will do the job for the majority of the year.

Office Sheds will make use of natural light

Office sheds are designed to make the most of natural light, meaning you wont have to use the light switch too often, unless you’re a work owl!

Office sheds create a greenhouse effect

Further removing the need for as much artificial heat, the use of windows in office sheds mean that the heat from sun rays is amplified warming the office up to a comfortable temperature.

Office sheds are closer than any other office

Your office is in your garden. You can simply roll out of bed and get to work. You still have a work place, it’s just extremely close… convenient huh? This also means that you are saving the environment! No petrol or polluting… so what are you waiting for, get your office shed built!

Office sheds are a greener alternative to an extension

Office sheds are cheaper than extensions like loft, conservatory or basement, but they’re also more eco friendly. With not as much artificial heating or lighting, making use of nature’s light and heat, office sheds are the perfect type of extension for your home. High quality office sheds can add 5% or more to the value of your home.

So what are you waiting for?

If you’re a freelancer/work from home type of guy and want an area to work in peace away from your home, the garden is the perfect place! Even if you do have your own office but your getting fed up of the commute, why not consider an office shed?

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