Four Key Areas of Your Home That You Must Maintain

Four Key Areas of Your Home That You Must Maintain

We all want to save energy. We all want to save the planet. That doesn’t have to start by planting trees in South-East Asia (although that’s a good thing to do). There are loads of ways to lower your carbon footprint here at home. Everyone knows about recycling their rubbish and using fuel-efficient cars. One of the biggest steps that you can also take to help the earth is to change your home itself.


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Old-fashioned houses are charming. The fact is that the people who built them didn’t have conservation in mind. If you’re buying an old house, you may find that it wastes energy more than a new-build home. That’s a worrying fact for anyone interested in saving energy.

Never fear – it’s not difficult to turn Mr. Darcy’s cottage into Mr. Darcy’s eco-friendly green palace. We’re sure Jane Austen would approve. It’s certain that she won’t be complaining, at any rate. Here are our top tips for anyone looking to make their home that little bit greener.

Make sure your home is the right one

OK, this tip isn’t a green one, but it’s still the best starting point. Before you take on a home as an ecology project, make sure it’s worth saving. Check the foundations to see if it’s sound as far as the structure goes. The Foundation Repair Houston home page has all the information you’ll need to check your foundations. It’s vital to be sure that your dream home won’t collapse after five minutes.

Sort your insulation out


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The best way to make a home eco-friendly is to ensure that heat isn’t escaping from anywhere. Heat will always try to escape to colder areas. That means that in winter, your home is full of heat monsters running for the exits! An eco-home should be full of stuff that helps to keep the heat inside. Make sure you’ve got double glazing fitted in the windows. Stuff your loft full of insulation so that you don’t lose heat through the roof. Cavity wall insulation prevents heat escaping through the walls. You’ll need to make your home into a bunker for heat. It’ll save energy and save the planet.

Water efficiency

You should fit water-efficient plumbing throughout if that’s at all possible. You can get showers, sinks and toilets that waste little water. Some say that the pressure is worse in eco-showers, but we think that’s a small price to pay. You can also fit tanks that recycle rainwater – double your money!

Generate your energy

There are lots of ways to reduce your energy usage. One of the most innovative methods is to generate your energy. It’s cheaper than ever to fit windmills and solar panels to any home. They look cool (no matter what the NIMBYs say) and don’t cost the earth.


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You can transform any home into an eco-home these days. It’s simple, affordable and satisfying too. Follow our steps, and you’ll soon see your energy bills fall. (Along with global sea levels – OK, maybe that’s optimistic for just one home!)

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