Electronic Cigarettes Provide Green Alternative

Electronic Cigarettes Provide Green Alternative

One of the biggest challenges for those trying to encourage green and sustainable living amongst others is addressing the almost limitless ways in which we impinge upon the environment every day. From buying a sandwich in a plastic package to smoking a cigarette, almost everything that we do can impact upon the Earth. However a true, energy alternative for the latter is emerging.

With so much attention given to the damage that smoking a cigarette does to the individual, the wider effects on the environment are often overlooked but they can be very serious. With roughly one billions smokers in the World, these damages are far-reaching and could have long last repercussions. However, increasing use of electronic cigarettes has started to circumnavigate these damages.

The fumes that are emitted from a cigarette are not just damaging to the person who is smoking it. Further to evidence that supports theories regarding the damage done by passive smoking, the fumes have huge effect on the environment – being deemed 10 times as damaging as the exhaust fumes of a diesel car.

One of the biggest concerns with cigarettes is the millions of butts that are dropped every day. As well as looking untidy and unseemly, the butts can also contaminate any rivers that are exposed to them. In the UK alone, there are 122 tonnes of cigarette butts dropped every day and there are an estimated 4.5 trillion cigarette butts worldwide every year. This problem is not prevalent with the electronic cigarette, as discussed by a Totally Wicked spokesperson.

“Our engineers strive to make all pieces of the kit completely recyclable, so that nothing is wasted and it can all be re-used. This is just our way of helping the environment in our own little way.”

Cigarette butts can take up to 26 years to decompose.

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These butts are made from some of the 600 million trees that are cut down every year to manufacture traditional cigarettes. Many of these trees are cut down in areas that do not have sustainability initiatives, meaning that the trees are not replaced when felled. In comparison, the majority of electronic cigarette use minimal packaging.

A Joyetech representative reveals: “Although being environmentally-friendly has never been our number 1 prioritywhen designing and manufacturing products, it is a by-product of effect design.”

With financial experts predicting that electronic cigarettes could outnumber traditional cigarettes before the end of the decade, it could be another step towards a greener future for our planet.

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