An Easy Guide To Storm Proofing Your Home

An Easy Guide To Storm Proofing Your Home

In the USA we are prone to the odd storm or two. Often these storms don’t cause any damage, and we get through them with no trouble whatsoever. Sometimes the storms are dangerous, though and we need to take the proper precautions to protect ourselves. If you are a homeowner then, you need to consider how to protect your home if disaster should strike. Hoping for the best and not doing anything at all won’t serve you well if there is a storm in your region.

The best thing you can do for yourself and your home is to storm-proof your property before the worst should happen. The only problem is that often storm proofing techniques are not eco-friendly. You may find that it is difficult to find ‘green’ ways of protecting your home. Here is an easy guide to storm-proofing your home without damaging the environment.

Get Window Shutters

When a storm hits your home the first things to crack will be your windows. The easiest way to protect your windows is to install window shutters on the front of your house. When a storm is on its way, you just need to lock up all the windows in your home. The shutters should protect your windows from breaking and also protect the inside of the home. Make sure that you invest in quality window shutters made from solid wood. Often cheap window shutters use toxic materials, which is harmful to the environment.

Consider A ‘Safe Room’

A safe room is a structure within your house where you and your family can hide out during a storm. You will need to hire a builder to create a safe room for you, and you should never scrimp on the cost of this. Having a safe room could save your life during a violent storm, so there is no reason not to invest in one. Safe rooms usually use reinforced material and metal to keep it safe from a storm or tornado. The problem is that often these metals are not eco-friendly. You might want to consider hiring a builder who shares your ‘green’ outlook. Reinforced wood works just as well as metal and could help to save the planet.

Have A Storm Repair Fund

When the storm hits, it could do a lot of damage to the exterior of your property. If you live in an area where storms are a frequent occurrence then, you should consider saving money for a storm repair fund. When the storm is over you can hire companies to help repair the damage, but this won’t be cheap. A storm damage restoration contractor in Evansville, IN, will charge by the hour so ensure that you save money. You will need to have a savings fund to pay for any home repairs.


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Make Sure You Have Basic Supplies

You should always keep basic supplies in your home in case of a storm. When a storm hits, you could have to stay inside your home for days or even weeks. Make sure that you have enough basic food to live on when the storm comes. Things like rice and couscous keep for a long time in drawers, so invest in buying these products in bulk. You will need water when the storm comes. Often water companies cut off the supply when a storm hits. Consider a water tank on top of your house to collect rain water. You can have a pipe into your home from the vat giving you a fresh water supply. You will also need to purify the water by boiling it before you use it. This method of getting water is not only a lifesaver, it is also great for the environment.

Roof And Door Reinforcements

Storms can do serious damage to your roofing and doors. You will need to invest in reinforcing these structures in case a storm should hit your home. If the doors and windows are not strong enough they will break during the storm. Look for builders who have an eco-friendly worth ethic. These builders will use only natural materials in their work, so you can ensure that you are not damaging the planet. You can find environmentally friendly builders by searching for them online.

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