Don’t Forget Your Ducts When it Comes to Home Maintenance

Don’t Forget Your Ducts When it Comes to Home Maintenance

There are some systems in the home – and also in commercial and industrial buildings – that we simply overlook, mainly because they are not in full view. The plumbing system is one; because most of it is hidden away in the form of pipes and equipment, and we only see the surface parts we use, you don’t often take a look at how your plumbing is working. Another is the ducts that serve your air conditioning and heating systems, depending upon the type of system you have installed.

You ducts are there to ensure that air can pass through them at the rate it is meant to, so that your heating or air conditioning can function properly. The problem is, air carries with it many tiny particles of debris; this can collect in the ducts and eventually cause blockages. You’d be very surprised how quickly ducts can clog up, and also how severely it can affect the passage of air through the system. What are the problems with ducts that are dirty?

Inefficient Heating and Air Con

If you have a duct of a certain diameter, it is meant to remain that diameter. Any dirt, debris or other build-up within the duct itself will make the passage of air less than it is designed to be. So, your system needs to work harder to get the right amount of air through the ducts to perform. This puts a strain on your heating and air conditioning systems. Such strain means ineffective operation, and in turn, this can mean the main system is overworked, and eventually breaks down – resulting in great expense.

What can you do to prevent this happening? Fortunately, there are professional duct cleaning companies that will attend to your ducts with the right equipment and techniques, cleaning the of troublesome blockages, and returning them to their original size, with blockages removed. This will allow your heating system to operate as it should once again, saving you money on excessive energy use, and reducing the possibility of your system being over-worked.

Finding a Reputable Duct Cleaning Company

There are many companies offering duct cleaning services, but for home-owners in Connecticut and Massachusetts, one of the leading names is Better Air. They have many satisfied customers who have used their professional duct cleaning and maintenance services – they use only the latest techniques and equipment for the best results – to make sure they have ducts that are operating effectively and without wasting excess energy, and they can attend to the home as well as to commercial properties throughout the region.

With a reputation for professional work at competitive rates, and a commitment to ensuring every job is performed to the highest standard – no matter how simple or complex – you can rely upon Better Air to deliver the duct cleaning solution you need, so give them a call right now, or fill in the online form for a free no-obligation quote and one of the team will get back to you very soon.