How to Add Colour Using Kitchen Accessories

How to Add Colour Using Kitchen Accessories

Your kitchen should be all things personality, it’s the most energetic and family centred room of your house, after all. It’s so easy to get stuck in the functionality of the kitchen, instead of seeing it as an opportunity for some amazing interior design! This doesn’t have to be too over the top or expensive, sometimes refreshing your space is as simple as adding a couple of accent accessories here and there with a little fresh colour to them. Kitchen accessories are the perfect way to enhance a room without breaking the budget or completely changing the space. So, if you’re ready to bring a more personal touch to your kitchen, here are a few colourful ways to liven up the room…

Cooking Equipment

This is your pots, pans and other tools like ladles and wooden spoons. The standard colour for these guys is usually based on their material, steel, metal, wood, etc. Although, you can find them in some amazing shades to add a subtle yet effective pop of excitement to your kitchen. Be sure to display these if you can, hang spoons and ladles on quaint hooks next to the oven, pop your pots and pans in a display cabinet or hang them from above. Choose colours that are soft, yet eye-catching, think creams, yellows, soft pinks, greens and blues.


Colourful crockery is incredibly stylish! Avoid the standard white and bring some cheer to your mealtimes! You can go super eclectic here if you like, collect different patterns, colours and materials to tell a story with your kitchenware. If you want to feel more uniform, opt for a warm tone such as orange or red. Warm tones signal hunger and food to our brains, so they are the favourite for eating utensils.

Baking Gear

Baking is a fun and creative way to spend your time, so why settle for basic baking supplies? Buy your baking tins in a pastel hue to enhance the homely and calming effect that the activity has. Display these on shelves or open cabinets for a lovely touch to a neutral kitchen.


Your appliances are the perfect opportunity to add life to your kitchen. Larger appliances like your kitchen, fridge and dishwasher usually come in the mundane steel, silver, black or white, but if you’re serious about interior design you can always reinvent that! A few brands create gorgeous large appliances in different décor styles, you can find retro 60s fridges, toasters, kettles and ovens! If you want to be a little more contemporary, hunt for appliances in unexpected neutrals like cream or navy for a subtle hint of colour.

Storage Spaces

As mentioned throughout, your storage spaces are great for displaying a little colour. If you have a smaller kitchen or you want to change up the room more drastically, you should consider removing your upper cabinets’ doors. This will perfectly show off your stylish, colourful kitchen accessories and bring a major design element to the space. Colour coordinate your crockery and equipment for a flawless décor scene. This is only for those who are willing to keep it spick and span at all times, a messy collection won’t look so aesthetically pleasing when it’s on display all the time!


Consider adding colourful LED strip lighting, swapping out your usual lightbulbs for tinged ones or just use a different coloured lamp shade for a cool, contemporary colourful effect. This is relatively inexpensive and incredibly unique. Coloured lighting looks absolutely incredible in mid-century, contemporary or modern style homes.

Towels and Cloths

Colourful hand towels, tea towels and cloths are a lovely final touch. Collect cloths and towels in interesting patterns or bright colours to bring some more personality to your kitchen.

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