Creating the perfect green room   

Creating the perfect green room  

Whilst the title of this post may be misleading you into thinking that we are discussing the different shades of green that you can opt for in your bedroom we can assure you that this is not the case.

Within this blog post we are in fact looking at the ways that you can ensure that your bedroom is an environmentally friendly vision; able to deliver style and comfort as well as substance.

It is easier than it seems to create a space that you can be proud of. But before you think about which bedroom furniture you will buy and exactly where you will be placing it there are a few preparation steps to take first in order to have the ideal base for the finishing touches of your room.

Ensure that the walls and ceiling are painted with a pain that contains no volatile organic compounds. Or if this is not possible it is advised that you purchase paint that has as low a number of these VOCs as possible.

Once the room is prepped then your bedroom can be considered ready for the furniture to be bought and placed. Choosing the mattress and bed frame is one of the key choices to make when it comes to creating the ideal green bedroom.

Organic hemp bed frames are a popular choice; including natural and sustainable products within the frame. However it is important to keep in mind that bed frames made from this material can be rather on the costly side.

When you have your bed frame picked out then you can move onto your mattress; there are a variety of mattresses available made from a range of natural materials such as horsehair; natural rubber, cotton, seaweed and cactus fibers. All coming together to create something that delivers comfort as well as being easy on the conscience.

You can also have a more eco-friendly approach when it comes to selecting your other key furniture features for your bedroom.

Often the best option to keep in mind is that of reclaimed oak furniture. Re-using solid pieces of wood to create stunning furniture that will look right at home in your bedroom. They not only offer fantastic storage but are also really charismatic and charming to have in your bedroom.

So you have your naturally made bedframe and mattress, have spent the time finding the right reclaimed wood furniture to complete the look but now you need those last few touches to really give a sense of comfort and eco-friendly style.

Woolen blankets rather than the standard duvets and pillows that feature buckwheat are ideal and you will want to make sure that you stay away from anything that contains foam as this is packed full of chemicals.

Having an eco-friendly bedroom doesn’t mean that you cannot sleep in comfort as well as style. You might just have to find a way to not compromise on all the aspects which makes your room your own.


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