How to Create a Tropical Paradise

How to Create a Tropical Paradise

These days, your garden is more than just a patch of green at the front and back of your house. It can be your escape from the noise and speed of modern day life, your own tropical paradise. But how do you go about creating this kind of space?

In this post, I’ll be giving my best advice on this, with tips about the best kinds of plants and features to instantly turn your back yard into your very own oasis of calm.

Go for vibrant colours

If it’s a tropical paradise that you want, then bright pinks, vivid purples and daring reds are a must. You need to be able to break up the greenery so that your eyes have plenty to feast on, and there are a number of plants that are perfect for this.

In my mind, the top choice would be the Crape Myrtle tree. For one thing, it’s very low maintenance, so whether you have a a lot of time on your hands or you live a hectic and busy lifestyle, you won’t need to give this plant much attention. It will easily thrive and turn your space into a vibrant and beautiful one.

Part of it’s low maintenance needs are due to the fact that it survives best in hot climates, so you don’t need to worry about draughts affecting it.The Crape Myrtle is also very adaptable to whatever area you have; whether it’s a huge garden or a tiny one, you can cut this tree accordingly to work with the space.

Choose larger plants to block fence panels or neighbours

Speaking of larger plants, why not consider using some to block out that traffic noise or your noisy neighbours? Taller trees and climbing plants don’t just look pretty, then can be incredibly effective sound barriers too. This is particularly effective if you have a small space at the back of a city-centre flat, as larger plants will block out noise pollution as well as de-stress your space. Plus, for people living in homes that are overlooked in built-up areas, they can provide some much needed privacy.

What about water features?

If you have a larger square footage to work with, then installing a water feature can do wonders for your outdoor space, as they have several benefits to them. For one, water features and fountains have been proven to help improve air quality, as well as promote better health and well being. They have a natural, calming effect on people, helping to relieve anxieties.

Consider installing something which blends in with the aesthetics of you space, like a pond with frogs or fish, which can also promote wildlife in the area. You might find tending to this kind of natural feature a way of relieving stress too.

Thanks for reading my tips on how to create a tropical paradise within your own home. If you’ve done this recently, I’d love to hear about your experience, so please leave a comment below.