Cool Kitchen Ideas For Cottages

Cool Kitchen Ideas For Cottages

Those who live in the country face a dilemma. Designers these days concentrate their efforts on creating wonderful kitchens for modern homes. That leaves little choice for a country cottage. I’m not saying that there aren’t any at all, just that the range is miniscule compared to the new ideas.

So what can you do about it if your kitchen has seen better days and you must renew it without spoiling the character of your home? It is lucky that you came across this article because there are some cool ideas here that will suit your cottage down to the ground. Take the ideas and use or adapt them as you see fit, I don’t charge for them.

To Fit Or Not To Fit?

It is a no-brainer. When the cottage was new, it is doubtful that anyone thought about fitted cabinets. Your kitchen must contain individual pieces of furniture to maintain its ambiance. Here are a few tips.

  • Use some shelving instead of wall cupboards. All of the pots and pans were on display in the olden days, as were the ingredients for cooking. Old scaffold planks make great shelves. You need a belt sander to make them smooth and then some wood stain and polish to get the desired effect. Mount them on the wall using 90° shelving brackets, then cut mount some attractive logs between them on the front corners to make it look as if they are providing support. It is a fantastic way to add a rustic feel to the design.
  • Use some more scaffold planks to make a large table and benches. Try to work on the principle of keeping it simple and you can’t go far wrong. It is an excellent way to recycle old timber. Always think about the source of the materials for your projects. We need to leave some behind for future generations.
  • Make a cabinet to hold a Belfast sink. They suit this design perfectly. Guess what you will use to make the cabinet. Yes, scaffold planks.
  • For extra storage, use a ceiling rack to hang things. They are very handy, and many of the top chefs prefer to use them because it is easy to find what you need.


Susan Serra


We cannot get by without technology in the kitchen these days. You can add a futuristic touch with new LED energy saving light bulbs. You can use spotlights on the ceiling or illuminate the shelves with fitting made for the job. It is the part of the design where old meets new to great advantage.

You could keep the refrigerator in the pantry, out of sight. There is no way to disguise them in a setting such as this, unfortunately. The same goes for the microwave. Luckily you can fit a solid fuel stove that will keep the room warm and function as a cooker. They are still available in old fashioned designs, but using modern control systems.

I hope you found some inspiration here. Try to keep in mind that everything you do must be in sympathy with the building. Back in  those days, people made do with what they could make or mend. You can do the same. It will save you many thousands of pounds too, which can’t be bad.


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