Clearing Your Garden Ready for Spring

Clearing Your Garden Ready for Spring

Time in the garden can be frenzied during spring. As bulbs start to pop through the turf and the last bit of frost seeps away, it can feel as though there’s a whole magnitude of things to get done to make sure your garden is perfect for the summer. However, although it’s only January, there’s still things you can be doing now to help make the process simpler, and make spring feel like less of a rush. Here are just a couple of ideas.

Order Seeds Early

If you wait until spring to order your seeds, you’re missing a trick, as there’s nothing worse than starting to plant and realising you don’t have the seeds available. This is the perfect job for a wet winter’s day. Although you may be sat inside watching the rain fall down and wishing that you could tend to your garden, you can still be doing something to help.

By ordering your seeds online during the winter months, you’ll be prepared and ready for the first day of spring. You can even pick up some nice summer-flowering bulbs while you’re at it.

Prepare Flower Beds, Borders and Hedges

It may seem simplistic, but even doing easy jobs like clearing up leaves, debris and rubbish can have a big impact, saving you time in early spring. By keeping on top of these simple jobs regularly, there’ll be far less work to do when the sun comes out, and it’ll produce a better environment for plants to grow.

In addition, providing it’s dry, it’s also a good time to cut down the bushes and hedges using a strimmer. By keeping everything in order and preventing overgrowth, you stand a better chance of being ready to plant as soon as spring arrives. Once these are done you will want a good wheel barrow to put them all in.

Hunt Down Your Garden Pests

Finally, if you get a nice day where you can get out in the garden and it’s free from rain, then it’s wise to get out there and hunt down any little critters or pests that might be hiding or hibernating in your garden. If left unattended, these could cause damage to your garden, meaning that your plants and flowers don’t grow properly in the summer months. They can even damage your compost and feed on plant roots, so look for these carefully; especially vine weevils.

So there we have it, simple ways that you can make sure your garden is ready for spring even in the winter months. Just remember to wrap up warm.