3 ways to dress a triangular window

3 ways to dress a triangular window

Windows come in all shapes and sizes, even in triangles. This design can look striking in any contemporary home and makes a real statement. Who needs ornate mirrors or huge canvas masterpieces to focus the eye when there’s a triangular window framing the (hopefully picturesque) view beyond? In terms of features, your irregular shaped window sets your home apart from anyone else’s. You should count yourself lucky.

However, it’s when you think beyond the wow factor that the problem becomes obvious. What do you do about window dressings? Showcasing your quirky architectural feature is one thing, but what about privacy? Keeping the light out and the heat in? A cosy atmosphere?

Dressing a triangular window is not straightforward. There is no horizontal line to fix a curtain pole or blind to, so off-the-shelf solutions won’t work here. It’s time to get creative and think clever.

  1. Fixed curtains
    If you love the feel of fabric around your windows and wouldn’t consider anything other than a soft furnishing solution, then you shall have curtains. Obviously, curtain tracks or poles are not suitable as the fabric would just fall down, so the trick is to work with the angled lines and frame the triangle. Screw a softwood batten onto the left and right outside of the window reveal, then measure and cut your curtain material to fit. Fix the heading of your chosen curtain panels and let them drape down to cover the entire window. To open the curtains, hold them back with tiebacks – simple!
  1. Made-to-measure blinds

Blinds can be manufactured to any size and in a variety of designs – vertical and horizontal, pleated and slatted styles will all look fantastic on a difficult shaped window, whatever the shape, slant or angle. You will need to get a professional window blind fitting company to take measurements and let them know your preferences for colours, materials and budgets. Slimline metallic Venetian blinds will give you a sleek contemporary look, while pleated conservatory blinds add softness.

  1. Tailor-made plantation shutters
    For up-to-the minute appeal, traditional white wooden plantation shutters are hard to beat. With a lush palm tree placed alongside, don’t they just ooze Island chic! Most window shutter companies are now able to make shutters to fit triangular windows, including hinged, folding and static sections that all include opening/closing slats. It’s a good policy to contact three different companies and compare them on quality, price and availability, as well as their installation experience, to get the most professional result.

Article provided by Mike James, working together with a selection of companies including Sussex-based window shutter specialists The Window Shutter Company, who were consulted over this post.