Beautiful Timber Floors for Your Sydney Home

Beautiful Timber Floors for Your Sydney Home

There are many very impressive interior design ideas that you can use to add class and style to your home. Whether you live in a modern house or apartment, or in an older and more traditional home, you might want to take a look at your floors if you are thinking of a remodel. Carpets come in many wonderful designs and styles, and they can be a beautiful addition to a room, but have you considered wooden floors?

The timber floor has become very popular in recent years, and lends itself to many different types of rooms. It is particularly impressive as it is not just decorative but very hard-wearing, and you can choose from a variety of wood. This gives you the option of darker or lighter shades, and also decorative natural patterns that are created by the wood, so you have a floor that looks superb and is durable. Perhaps the only problem when looking for a timber floor Sydney supplier is finding the right one, and making that all-important choice.

Types of Timber Floor

The fact that wooden flooring has become so popular means that there are many different providers of quality flooring solutions. One such are the experts in floating timber floor Sydney installations Hana Timber, who have many satisfied clients, and a full range of timber and laminate flooring that they will happily discuss with you. From beautiful oak – in many shades – to stunning bamboo flooring Sydney residents have a great opportunity to look at all the options, and make a decision on a quality, stylish and extremely attractive floor.

So, which type of timber floor is right for you? That depends on the room that you are looking at flooring. Let’s say it’s a large room with plenty of natural light from big windows; you could go for a darker shade of hardwood, one with a rich red hue for effect, that will look better in a larger space, For a smaller room, or one with perhaps less light coming through, what about a beautifully installed bamboo floor, that gives a sense of modernity and space, no matter how limited the room size? These are just a couple of the options available, and there are many more!

Choosing Your Timber Floor

The great thing about timber flooring is that it not only looks good bare – and when polished, some of the wood patterns can be quite amazing – but also lends itself to adornment with colourful rugs. There is something very warm about wood, too, so it adds colour and feel to any room that you place it in, and it can really bring a room alive.

If you think that a wooden floor may be the answer, and you won’t find a more beautiful way of making your floors look superb, then why not get in touch right now and see what sort of options might suit you? Wooden flooring really is a superb choice, so don’t delay, have a closer look at the many wonderful options available.