All You Need to Know about Choosing a Ladder

All You Need to Know about Choosing a Ladder

A ladder is an essential item to have around the house. You never know when you might need one to clear your gutters, for example, or get the cat out of a tree! For those who are into DIY, a ladder is a much-used item too. But long gone are the days when there was just one type of ladder, and all you had to decide was whether you wanted an old-fashioned wooden one (rarely seen these days) or a more up to date, lightweight and durable aluminium model. These days, there’s a lot of choice even when it comes to the humble ladder!

The choice is largely between standard, one-piece ladders, multi-purpose ladders, and the increasingly popular telescoping ladders. We’re going to talk about the latter two, as they represent the most versatile and practical examples of ladders in today’s market.

What is a Multi-Purpose Ladder?

If you think of a ladder as just a tall structure with rungs that you climb straight up, you’re way behind the times! These days the multi-purpose ladder is one of the most popular designs, but what does it do that a standard ladder does not? In fact, these ladders are extremely versatile, and allow you to access areas that you would not be able to reach with a standard ladder.

A multi-purpose ladder can work as a step ladder for when you need to reach only a few feet off the floor, or – if you unclip the security clasps and extend it to double length – it can be used as a full length ladder too. It doesn’t stop there, for there are models that come in various parts so you can use them as a platform – great for painting – and also for various other instances where a normal ladder would not suffice. They are usually aluminium, lightweight, and surprisingly affordable.

What is a Telescoping Ladder?

Imagine a ladder that, when stored away, measures a couple of feet long and across, so you can keep it in a small space. Yet, when you need it, it takes just a few seconds to convert it into a sturdy, usable and dependable ladder of up to 15’ 6” in length, ready to climb on! That’s what the best telescoping ladder is – a ladder that you can carry in the car rather than needing a van or a roof rack to mount it on.

These ladders are all similar in style and can be extended fully or to a variety of lengths in between. They are strong and sturdy, light to carry, and also surprisingly affordable. In fact, they may well put the traditional extending ladder out to graze before time!

If you’re looking for a new ladder, consider what you’re going to use it for, and whether you need a permanent 12-foot ladder or would rather have a telescoping model or a multi-purpose ladder. You’ll find the one you want if you read detailed reviews, and don’t forget to shop around for the right price.