Add Value To Your Home: Tidy Up The Garden

Add Value To Your Home: Tidy Up The Garden

It’s no secret that a great garden adds significant value to your home. Having the space for children to play is a huge selling point. Or offering a patio or decking to sit out on a warm summer’s night. A place for the dog to run or a little outdoor space for tools.

The perfect garden is near the top of every buyer’s wish-list. With a little bit of work you can sharpen yours up, add value to your property and have a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy yourself.

Remove Clutter

Clutter builds up in your garden without you realising. You often leave things out there absent-mindedly. Litter and other things float in on the wind and front-gardens can be strewn with all sorts from the street. Your first job is to get rid of all of this and do a general clean-up.

Get A Shed

You need a place to put all that clutter! Things like tools, lawnmowers and bits of wood don’t have a place inside the home, but you can’t just leave them lying around outside. A good shed is easy to come by and they can look great too. Try a local dealer or The Garden Shed Company for the perfect shed.


Thanks to Jeremy Levine for the image.

Wash patios and paths with a pressure hose

Build-up of dirt happens so slowly in a garden that you won’t even notice it. Use a power-hose to wash it away and you’ll be stunned at how much dirt there was! You can have fun with the power-hose too – there will often be so much dirt that you can write your name with the pressured water. They can be expensive so it’s advisable to see if your friends or family have one you can borrow.

Tend to your wild shrubbery

Its very easy for plants and hedges to get out of hand. If they’re reaching up the walls or sticking wildly in all directions, it’s time to trim them back. If you’ve got weeds growing, pull them up. If your shrubbery is patchy, plant new things to fill the gaps. Trim and tidy border and hedges will make a world of difference to your garden.

Mend broken landscapes and touch up garden furniture

Your patio and pathways may be cracked and weathered. It’s worth replacing any cracked tiles or broken slabs. This doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Repair and repaint fences so they look brand new. And fix any broken garden furniture. A lick of paint or wood gloss over a garden table will sort it right out. You could also add a water feature or even a solar panel to give your garden an eco-friendly touch.

Consider the layout

This will, of course, depend on your lifestyle, but why not have an area of decking or patio where you can sit out? Try and put this in the place that gets the most sunlight during the day (always think of the added value!) Then consider an area of grass where children can play and pets can live happily.

Putting a small amount of effort into your garden can significantly increase your property value. Or even just give you a happier outside area. You’ll be surprised how far a few small changes will go.

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