5 Simple Ways to Save Money and the Environment

5 Simple Ways to Save Money and the Environment

Saving money, and the environment go hand in hand. You don’t have to consume a vast amount of goods at the expense of the environment. Being savvy with your cash means that you are caring for the environment. There is a wide range of things that you can do in your home to ensure that your bank balance and mother earth is not affected.

Here are five simple ways to save money and the environment in your home.

1.    Don’t Throw Away Broken Goods

In our throwaway society, a lot of people throws away their household items when they are broken. Broken electrical goods can have a detrimental impact on the environment. This is especially true when they are discarded without care. If something appears to be broken in your home, can it be fixed? Things like white goods are costly to replace. Plus, fridges and the gases that are emitted from these have more than a negative impact on the environment. Instead of throwing away goods, ensure that you explore all avenues. Whirlpool parts, for example, are very cheap to obtain. Of course, if your appliances are broken and cannot be fixed, it’s time to invest in new assets. Be savvy and discover your options in the main.

2.    Turn Off the Electrics at Night

Many people fail to turn off their electrics at night. This can cost the average homeowner up to £200 extra on their utility bills every year. Turn off the electrics when you are in bed at night and ensure that you save the earth and on your bank balance.

3.    Turn Off Your Lights When You Leave the Room

So many of us are guilty of leaving lights on when we are not in the room. It seems that we love our homes to be illuminated. But, this can have an impact on your purse and Mother Earth. What is more, by using less lighting in your home you are reducing the demand for coal. Coal and oil are often used for light bulbs. Turning them off lessens the demand for these resources.


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4.    Print on Both Sides of the Paper

While this may seem obvious, many people fail to print on both sides of the paper. Paper consumption can be expensive in the average home. But, by printing on both sides of the paper you are lessening the need for more trees to be cut down. You will also save a small fortune on printing and paper costs. These can be costly to have within the home.

5.    Recycle!

Recycling is becoming more prevalent in people’s homes. Thank goodness for the resurgence in recycling! Plastics and cans have a significant impact on the home. By recycling, you are reducing the need for waste to go to landfill. You are ensuring that you are conserving natural resources. What is more, you are reducing pollution. Some recycling plants will even pay for your recycled goods. So, you can profiteer out of your waste.

Be savvy on your pocket and the environment by using these amazing tips.

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