5 Essential Things to Consider in Your Plans to Become More Self-Sufficient

5 Essential Things to Consider in Your Plans to Become More Self-Sufficient

Those of us at a certain age can remember ‘The Good Life’, an old television series back in the 1970’s, in which Tom and his wife Barbara dropped out of the rat race to support themselves in their suburban home. Being self sufficient is as much a dream for many people today as it was then. Would it be possible to live a completely off grid lifestyle these days? Maybe not completely, but we can all try a few projects, some big and some small, that will increase our independence and loosen the grip that energy suppliers, and supermarkets, have around our throats.

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In this article, we will try to tackle a few of the projects to which we can all aspire:

Move House

If you live on an estate in a semi detached house, there will be limits imposed upon your projects with regard to space and noise. A home in the country will give you a lot more options than a suburban one. Obviously you will need to arrange a mortgage and ask a lot of questions such as, how much are conveyancing fees likely to cost you? Moving house will be your biggest challenge.

Grow Your Own Food

If you have the land, growing your own fruit and vegetables is a certain way to save money in the long term. There are millions of books about the subject and everything can be learned on the internet. A polytunnel is a very useful item to own, if you are serious about living on what you grow. They are relatively inexpensive and can give you an earlier crop, better quality, and a longer growing season.

Keep Animals

You don’t need to be a qualified farmer to keep a few animals. Chickens are simple to keep and give a daily supply of eggs. The cockerel though can be a bit noisy in the morning. They also make a nice Sunday dinner, and it is legal to kill your own chickens. Pigs are easy to keep too if you have the land. They will eat any scraps as well as pig feed and will come in very handy for filling the freezer when their time is up. They will, however, need to be slaughtered by a qualified expert.

Generate Your Own Power

Save money by harnessing the wind and sunshine to harness your own energy and reduce bills. Solar panels can be installed on your roof wherever you live. Expensive to begin with, they will pay you back in the long run. Use a wind turbine to generate usable power or to charge batteries for later use.

Dig Your Own Well

Creating your own water source may be an expensive product, but so is our present water supply. Often a well need not be a large structure requiring a brick lined shaft. You may find that a simple borehole is all you need to pump your own water into the house. The pump will run off your own power supply. If you own your land in the country, this may be a viable way to stop that water meter turning.

There are many other projects to consider. However, putting the basic requirements in place gives you a good platform from which to launch future projects. One day you may live the dream of self-sufficiency, where water, gas, and electricity supplies are no longer needed. You can never be entirely free and independent, council tax will always have to be paid. Don’t let that stand in your way. Keep working away, and you will achieve your goal.

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