Yorkshire Energy: Yorkshire’s New Independent Energy Supplier

Yorkshire Energy: Yorkshire’s New Independent Energy Supplier

Collaborative Press Release with ‘Yorkshire Energy’


If you are based in Leeds and is looking for a new energy provider, now is the perfect time for the big switch! Yorkshire Energy just launched and they are a brand new supplier of electricity and gas in Yorkshire. The company focuses on excellent customer service, good value, and easy-to-understand tariffs. For more information, check out their press release below.


A NEW INDEPENDENT ENERGY SUPPLIER FOR YORKSHIRE Yorkshire Energy, a Leeds-based domestic energy supplier, announces launch

Yorkshire Energy are thrilled to announce its recent business launch for consumers looking to switch energy providers. Describing themselves as a small, but nimble enough company to ‘adapt to change’, Yorkshire Energy are a brand new supplier of gas and electricity looking to challenge the ‘big six’, whilst benefiting the people of Yorkshire and beyond every step of the way.

With a focus on delivering exceptional customer service, Yorkshire Energy believe in a no nonsense, no surprises remit. Not wanting people to feel in the dark about their energy prices or grow frustrated over complex billing, they’re proud to be doing things differently and offering significant savings when compared to the larger energy suppliers. And with a brand new website up and running, people are already making the switch to Yorkshire Energy.

“As a Yorkshire-­based company, we believe in good value, excellent service and fair, easy­-to-­understand tariffs. Customers are increasingly voting with their feet and leaving the larger providers to find a better deal from one of the newer suppliers who are cheaper and more responsive. We’ve been working on this new offer in the domestic energy market for a number of years ­ now we are live!” ­ Peter Connolly, Executive Chairman.

The company is the latest organisation to enter the market and provide a challenge to the dominant “Big 6”. It is a privately­owned business and intends to attract customers who are looking to switch from one of the traditional suppliers to reduce their bills and get the level of customer service that can only be provided by a more focused, locally­based company.

Standing out in a highly competitive marketplace, Yorkshire Energy are determined to keep things simple and become ‘one of the best, not necessarily the biggest’. Based in the heart of Leeds, with a very experienced team, Yorkshire Energy are fanatical about support and are keen to create more local jobs and add value to the local economy. Gone are the days of waiting on hold for a call centre operative that may be based overseas ­ Yorkshire Energy are well and truly here at home.

Yorkshire Energy has now opened its doors to new customers as a supplier of domestic gas and electricity. For anyone interested in reviewing their current tariffs, or requiring information on switching to a provider on your doorstep, people are encouraged to contact Yorkshire Energy directly.


Yorkshire Energy is a brand new energy supplier based in the heart of Leeds. They set out to create something special ­ a different kind of energy company with a different kind of team, one that combines private sector expertise with public service values.

They have firsthand experience of just how unfair and complex the energy market can be. The team is made of people who have worked in the industry, with additional grounding in technology, government, social enterprise, finance and renewables. Their combined expertise uniquely positions them to tackle the low levels of trust and satisfaction people have in energy companies.

They’re united by the common belief that gas and electricity are more than just utilities; they have the potential to transform local economies and benefit entire communities. And because they’re locally owned, unlike “the big six” energy companies they have no overseas shareholders driving their business ­ it’s just them, doing what’s best for their customers.

Yorkshire Energy website: https://ye.co.uk/

Yorkshire Energy Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YorkshireEnergyUK/

Yorkshire Energy Twitter: https://twitter.com/yorkshireenergy

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