Wonderful Bathroom Ideas That Will Help You Go Green

Wonderful Bathroom Ideas That Will Help You Go Green


Being friendlier to the environment can be a hard task to undertake, so it’s best to start small — cut down waste and make greener choices in one area of your life and then build up from that. You can begin by making changes with your bathroom habits until it becomes second-nature and you can use that momentum to transform the other rooms of your house. 

Stop Wasting Water

If you want to break your bad habits for good and have an eco-friendly bathroom from now on, you need to stop wasting so much clean water — that’s gallons of the natural resource being poured down the drain for no reason. When you are brushing your teeth, turn off your tap after wetting the bristles instead of leaving it running the entire time. Cut down your long showers so that you only take time to wash, shampoo, shave and rinse off. When you are waiting for the water to heat up, place a bucket underneath the faucet or showerhead — use the collected water for other tasks like watering household plants or washing your vehicle.

Change Your Toilet

You can visit a website like Canadianplumbing.com to see how a local company can help you select a replacement that appeals to your pursuit of environmentalism, so you can conserve water and improve the planet. If your toilet is not a new model, it is using a lot more water than you would ever expect — the average toilet installed before 1980 uses seven gallons of water per flush, and ones after that use around three and a half gallons. They can find you an ultra-efficient model that uses just over 1.5 gallons of water with every flush. A popular choice for green consumers is a dual-flush toilet that has separate modes for liquid and solid waste, allowing people to determine whether more water is needed or not. The experts at Morrison Plumbing and Mechanical will make sure that your home is equipped with the right choice. 

Make Your Cabinet Eco-Friendly

Your cabinet is likely filled with toiletries, soaps, cosmetics, personal care items and medications. Give the contents a once-over and see which ones can be easily replaced with greener alternatives. Swap your toothbrush for one with a bamboo handle, which causes less landfill waste and can be used just as long as its plastic counterpart. Quit buying self-care products in plastic covers from the store when you can make your own versions for cheap and store them in glass jars. You don’t have to cut items like lipstick and mascara out of your morning routine because you can’t make them on your own — one of the best ways to go green in the bathroom is to get cosmetics from eco-friendly and ethical cosmetic companies focused on sustainability.

There are plenty of other small changes that you can make, depending on your budget and dedication to the cause. You can switch out your faucets for low-flow options, trade your lightbulbs for LEDs and candles, substitute harsh cleaners with natural ones and much more.