Why Your Air Ducts Need Regular Cleaning

In both residential and commercial properties, air ducts are essential in both air conditioning and heating systems. Yet, it’s very often the case that they are taken for granted. After all, they are hidden away and we simply expect them to get on with their job! Here’s a question: how often do you have your air ducts professionally cleaned? You may not be aware that you should be doing so every now and then – perhaps once a year – for a number of reasons. Let’s have a look at why air duct cleaning is a must.

Professional Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts allow the air to circulate through the system, keeping your home, office or other building at the temperature you need it to be. However, that air may be dusty, or you might have pets who leave their hairs around the place, and debris can build up in air ducts surprisingly quickly. This has a number of effects: first, when your system is not in operation, any dust in the air will settle very quickly. Start the system up again, and this dust is swept up into the moving air, and is propelled around the system. The clean air you think you are breathing is not clean at all.

You should also remember that bacteria can find the air duct a comfortable place to live and grow, and pollen may be taken in as it floats in the air: these can be irritants, so if you wonder why you have that permanent cough or sore throat, it’s possible you’re breathing in air that is being circulated complete with irritants such as those mentioned. Having your ducts cleaned by one of the local air duct cleaning companies means you can be certain you have clean, safe air circulating in your home, yet there is another reason why you should have your ducts cleaned.

Efficiency and Cost

Ducts that are gathering dust become thinner by nature: dust and other debris gathers on the side of the ducts, leaving the air with a narrower passage to move through. You will be surprised how much dirt and grime can find its way onto the walls of your ducts, and the effect is this: it means that your system has to work harder to get the air through the system, and that means it costs you more to run.

An air conditioning system with clogged ducts will not run efficiently, and you will find that your energy costs increase as a result. This is why a professional clean once in a while can save you a lot of money, and will also leave your system working to its full capacity and ability, at lesser cost.

It is important for both your health and your wallet that you have your air ducts cleaned regularly, so why not get in touch with the experts now and see how affordable it can be? Then you’ll have the benefit of genuinely clean air circulating your home, with no health risks at all.