Why You Need Your Ducts Cleaned Regularly

Why You Need Your Ducts Cleaned Regularly

How often do you check your air conditioning and heating ducts? The answer is probably rarely or never! You’re far from alone in this, as this is a system that we simply take for granted. The ducts in your home are essential, however, and do need occasional maintenance. You may notice the heating not performing as it should, or the a/c delivering poor service. This could be when you ned to call in the professionals.

In the brief article that follows we will look when and why your ducts need cleaning and talk about how to choose a professional duct maintenance service that will keep your systems in good working order. Let’s begin by looking at what goes on in those ducts.

Why Ducts Need Cleaning

You will find there are many duct cleaning companies to choose from and we will talk about making your choice in the next section. So, what does go on in the ducts that serve you’re a/c and heating systems?

Ducts carry air – warm or cold as required – around the home from the base system to the various rooms. Bear in mind that the ducts will be a certain diameter depending on the system installed and the house or building they serve.

These ducts are designed to move a specific amount of air through them to warm or cool your home. However, within that air will be tiny particles of dust or debris that get carried through the ducts. Over time, these particles settle on the walls of the ducts. As they do so, the ducts therefore become narrower, meaning the heating or air-con unit has to work harder to get sufficient air through a reduced space.

The result of this is that your main system becomes overworked, and when that happens it will eventually fail. So, a duct cleaning company needs to attend your home every now and then – once a year should suffice – to make sure your ducts are kept free of debris.

Choose Your Duct Cleaning Company

We recommend that you look for a local duct cleaning company to take care of your regular duct maintenance. They will be close at hand so can be called upon to attend if you have an emergency. If you have recently purchased your home, it is sensible to have a professional take a look at your ducts and systems as there may be need for a service or for replacement parts.

You will find a local duct maintenance company to be affordable and helpful. Talk to a few before you choose and ask around friends and family for recommendations. It helps if you find the company that is familiar with your home, as they will be able to help more readily and advise you on the best way to keep your a/c or heating system in top working order.

If you think your system is not working correctly call in the professionals now and prevent further expense by having your ducts cleaned.