Why Septic System Maintenance is Essential

The plumbing system that serves your home is one of the most vital of all. By plumbing we mean that which brings water into the home and makes it available as hot or cold, as well as that which takes the wastewater – including sewage – away into the right place. For most homes that is to the sewerage system where it is delivered to a sewage plant for treatment, but for others there is a necessity for a septic tank. Let’s look at why some people need a septic tank, and the maintenance that comes with them.

Why Do Some Homes Have a Septic Tank?

Why is that, even in the 21st century, some homes still use a system of sewerage that is undoubtedly outdated? Put simply, there are many thousands of homes that have no option. These tend to be older properties that are in remote or semi-remote locations. In some parts of the country the sewers only reach so far, and you may be surprised how near to a town a house may be that needs a septic tank.

However, these tanks do need maintenance, and it is specialist maintenance that should only be carried out by experts in the trade. For those in and around Knoxville, Tennessee – a region that features more than the usual ratio of homes with this type of system – a specialist such as Jjsepticpros.com will be an essential part of your regular home maintenance service. Let’s have a look at the sort of maintenance such as company will perform.

What Maintenance do Septic Tanks Need?

A septic tank works by distributing the wastewater from its underground position into what is known as the ‘drain field’. This process happens every time new wastewater enters the tank. From the drain field the waste is then distributed into the soil absorption field. In the tank, the lighter solids float to the top, with the sludge at the bottom gathering. When a tank is full – or is damaged or blocked – you need the services of a specialist such as J&J Septic as quickly as possible to prevent contamination.

If blockage occurs sewage may back up into the household pipes or even appear on the surface near the tank. A correctly working septic tank is a safe and proven method of getting rid of household waste.

The recommendation is that a septic tank should be emptied by the expert service provided at least every five years, and sooner if it is heavily used. The maintenance performed at this point will also involve checking for leaks and damage to the tank. This is not an expensive process but is an essential one if you want to keep your septic tank operating as it should.

If you’ve just bought a property with this form of sewerage system then it would be a sensible choice to have it emptied and checked just to be on the safe side, so contact your local septic tank professional right now.