Why Have a Cardboard Compactor?

Why Have a Cardboard Compactor?



Cardboard compactor is a necessity for many businesses yet a big burden once it is no longer needed. Cardboard is excellent for protecting and transporting goods yet it is rendered useless once the contents of the box are removed. Cardboard is voluminous and without the right equipment it takes up space, takes time to dispose of and most importantly costs plenty to be removed.

The only way to ensure businesses are not paying to dispose of fresh air with cardboard is to install a cardboard compactor. A compactor will compress cardboard boxes together and they can then be tied and stacked neatly in a place where they won’t be in the way.

Without a compactor businesses have little choice but to contain cardboard in a bin, skip or cage. Whether the cardboard is flat-packed or not, the majority of the time businesses will be paying to dispose of air. Disposing of cardboard boxes as a whole is extremely voluminous and flat-packing is very time consuming so either way it is inconvenient. The cost of cardboard bin collections are expensive and depending on the quantity of cardboard being produced the amount of collections can be regular. With a cardboard compactor on site, bins do not need to be filled with cardboard so the cost of bin collections will dramatically decrease.

Installing a cardboard waste compactor could help to remove one or more bins out of the work place. This could create extra space, for example more customer car parking or anything that is more productive for the business than a stationery bin.

There are then the benefits of having a completed cardboard bale created from the waste compactor. These bales are valuable resources to recyclers and depending on the size of the bales these recyclers will pay for them; creating income as well as savings. Cardboard bales are tidy and can easily be stacked together as they await collection from a recycler. Compare this with the sight of cardboard boxes overflowing in a bin and it makes the choice between a cardboard compactor and bins really simple.