Why Choose an Independent Mortgage Provider?

Why Choose an Independent Mortgage Provider?

Getting a mortgage is a big step if it’s your first home, and if you are trading up, it’s also something you need to think very carefully about. The mortgage market is one that is truly saturated, with many lenders, agents and providers all vying for your business, so where do you start?

What we suggest is that you concentrate on two things: a mortgage provider who is local and knows the market, and one who can help you get the right sort of mortgage. We also suggest that an independent provider is the best option, as  they will not be tied to certain lenders, giving you far more choice.

The major banks will be able to offer you mortgages that may be packaged to their own rates, so you may end up paying more than you would with an independent provider. It’s about knowing where the best deals come from, and only those with expert knowledge of the market are able to understand who is offering the right one for you.

Type of Mortgage

Taking out a mortgage is not something you should do without proper research and expert advice, as there are many different types of mortgages that are designed for different situations. An independent mortgage corporation such as Fairway, who are based in Grand Junction and have served many satisfied clients, can advise you everything from mortgages for the first time buyer to renovation mortgages and re-financing.

Having access to such a comprehensive portfolio of home loan options means that you – the customer – will get the best deal for your requirements, with expert help throughout. Your mortgage is, after all, likely to be the largest expense of your lifetime, so deserves careful consideration.

Expert Help

A company such as Fairway will help you by not only getting the best deal, but by handling your case in a professional and courteous manner. They understand the need for fast action when it comes to securing the final deal, so will operate quickly and expertly to get your home finance in place.

They can also work with you to make sure you meet your budget, one of the most important aspects of getting a mortgage. The right deal can mean great cost savings, and this is why you should trust the independent who has freedom of choice and access to more lenders than those tied to banks or finance houses.

You will also find that they are family-oriented, are willing to work with you on your terms, and will make sure that all the legal side is done correctly, so you can go ahead and purchase your house, safe in the knowledge that everything is above board and correct.

If you’re in need of mortgage advice, have a closer look at the Fairway website, and why not get in touch and one of their team will be more than happy to help answer any questions you may have, and guide you towards the best mortgage for your needs.