Where to Find Tips on Creating an Eco-Friendly Home

Where to Find Tips on Creating an Eco-Friendly Home

Eco friendly homes are self-sustaining and energy efficient. At their best, they cost nothing to run, but even if you don’t have the resources to go completely green, it doesn’t take much effort to make simple changes around the home to help save energy, and by extension, the planet. So where should look if you need inspiration and eco-friendly ideas?

Check Out Eco Blogs

The internet is a wonderful place for doing research on a topic you are interested in. There is so much information out there that you could easily spend weeks reading up and collecting ideas on how to make your home more eco-friendly. Some of the information might not be relevant to your project, but reading and following eco blogs written by other people who have already trodden the same path you intend on taking can be incredibly useful.

A home renovation blog such as Georgian Custom Renovations can be a great resource if you need some ideas and inspiration. Blog owners are always happy to answer questions and offer advice to their readers, so why not comment on one of their posts and see if they can give you a few tips on what methods worked for them?

Start Reading

Never underestimate the power of a book. Just because we are all inclined to hunt for information in Google as opposed to reading a book, there are plenty of books out there that deal with eco-friendly homes and how to create them. Amazon is the best place to look for books on any subject, so make this your first port of call. There will be lots of books on offer, but read the reviews before you buy any to make sure other people have found the book interesting and useful.

Watch TV

TV is a useful resource. Home renovation programs often touch upon eco-friendly building ideas. George Clark, presenter of The Restoration Man and The Home Show is full of good ideas on sustainable energy strategies. Grand Designs is also a good one to watch, particularly if you dream of building your own eco-friendly home from scratch.

Speak to Eco Warriors

Use the internet to make contact with people who are as interested in sustainable living as you are. Get on Facebook and other social media networks and search for individuals who might be able to help you create a more eco-friendly home. You never know, they could turn into life-long friends of yours.

Visit a DIY Store

DIY stores usually have lots of information and ‘how to’ leaflets covering all kinds of projects homeowners can undertake, some of which will relate to energy saving tips. They also sell energy saving products such as low energy lightbulbs and draft excluder strips for doors and windows. Many items won’t be expensive, either, which is good news if you are shopping on a budget.

The more eco-friendly you can make your home, the better. It will save you money and the environment will thank you.