What’s involved in adding central air to your home?

What’s involved in adding central air to your home?

If you’ve endured one too many sweltering hot, humid summers, you may be considering adding central air conditioning to your home.  But what exactly does that entail?  Is it a lengthy process?  Will it cost a lot?  Will the installation disrupt your family’s schedule?  Here, you’ll find answers to those questions and more.

What’s the benefit of central air over window units?

Central air conditioning is a more effective way of getting more consistently cool temperatures throughout the house, although there will be some variance depending on the size of the rooms, the layout of the home (how many stories, whether it features an open floor plan, etc.).  In addition, window air conditioners are noisy, whereas one typically does not even perceive the sound of central air, other than when it first cuts in.

How much does central air cost?

The installation cost of central air conditioning varies according to the unit you use and the company who installs it, but generally the cost will be in the $3 – 4,000 range.

How long does installation take?

In most cases, installation can be done over two working days, with two technicians on the job.  If your house has existing ductwork, the installation is relatively easy and mess free.  If your house doesn’t have ducts, the installation can take significantly longer but shouldn’t require much disruption to the family.  A retrofitter experienced in these kinds of jobs can ensure that the ductwork is cleverly hidden without creating a lot of mess or making too many cuts in your walls or ceiling.

How do I select the right unit?

There are several factors that should come into play when it comes to choosing the right unit for your home.  First, consider the climate where you live.  Does it get very hot all year round, or does the mercury only rise slightly for a couple of months of the year?  That will help to determine how much you need to get out of your unit.  How many windows and doors do you have?  The number of doors and windows in your home affects your home’s ability to retain cool air, so if you have lots of windows you may require a more powerful unit.  Also, consider your home’s orientation to the sun.  How much direct sunlight do you get?  The more the sun shines on your house, the warmer the interior will be and the more power you’ll need out of your air conditioner to keep up.

Finally, how well is your home insulated?  If you have an older home, it may be inadequately insulated.  If that’s the case, your air conditioner won’t be able to effectively cool the house down and retain that cool temperature.  Before you install central air conditioning, it’s a good idea to have your insulation inspected.  If it’s lacking, you can have it upgraded before having your AC installed, to ensure it works to optimal efficiency.

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