What You Need to Know Before You Hire a Scaffolding Company

What You Need to Know Before You Hire a Scaffolding Company

If you are embarking on a repair or redecorating job on the exterior of your home or other buildings, take a few minutes to read this! Rather than use a ladder, what you need to reach those awkward and high places is a scaffolding tower. If you don’t need a tower, you will be amazed at how much easier – let alone safer – your job will be when you use scaffolding, and how cost-effective it is too. It will save you time and, while you will have to pay for the scaffolding to be erected and left in place, it is not as expensive as you might believe.

So, what is the cost of a scaffolding tower where you are? Naturally, this will vary depending upon the type and size of the scaffold you require, where you want it, and how long you need it for, but there are some guidelines you can look to. For example, an estimate – with no specifics involved – puts the price of a scaffolding tower at between £20 and £100 for a week’s hire. When you look at that again, it’s not a lot of money for a week’s rental, even at the higher prices. Here’s some further information that may be of help when you want to hire scaffolding.

More Tips on Scaffolding

First, there is a difference between general scaffolding, and a scaffolding tower: the latter is easier to put together and more mobile, and also more versatile. To determine the cost, you need to find a scaffolder and give them the details of the job, including how high you want to go, how long you need to have the scaffold on site, and any other details that may influence their pricing. We recommend that you stick to using a local scaffolder as this means you have the convenience and you will find their costs lower than renting from afar, and you will find local companies like to keep their jobs close by.

Scaffolding companies will deliver the scaffold and put it together for you and – in the case of your trusted local company – will also advise you as to the health and safety requirements that are necessary when using scaffolds. You may be performing a DIY job, but there are still dangers in working at any height, even a few feet off the ground, that always need to be considered.

It’s always best that you talk to the experts when you are hiring equipment that you are not familiar with. Even if you have used scaffolds before, the expert advice that a local scaffolder can give you will be valuable, and you might find there is something new to learn too!

Whatever the scale of your job, if you need scaffolding you need to get a price first, so why not get in touch right now with your local scaffolding specialists, and see how they can help you book the right equipment to make your job easier.