What You Can Get for Containers

Shipping containers can be modified with a range of different accessories – whether for a 10”, 20” or 40” shipping container.

Different Accessories for Modified Containers

Here are some of the popular accessories for containers:

  • Whirlybirds – whirlybirds help to reduce the build-up of heat inside a container
  • Security lock box – the lock box keeps your contents safe in the container. The steel housing prevents the padlock from being tampered with and it cannot be cut with bolt cutters.
  • Container signage – if you’re going to be shipping goods across the country, this is one of those different accessories for modified containers you have to have. You can brand the container for maximum exposure.
  • Vents – vents help to increase air flow inside containers
  • Single or double container doors – additional doors are great for extra access and make loading bulky goods so much easier.
  • Custom paint – you can give your used shipping container a new lease with a fresh coat of paint and make it look brand new.
  • Bulkhead door – bulkhead doors can be fitted with insulation and will fit flush both inside and out
  • Standard windows – standard windows are ideal for shipping containers for sale from CCS that are modified as site offices or even homes. Typically windows are aluminium.
  • Roller doors – roller doors make access and locking up really easy.
  • Shelves – you can maximise shipping container space by having fixed shelves installed in various lengths.
  • Workbenches – if you’re using your container as a workshop, you’ll need a workbench installed.
  • Bulkhead walls – bulkhead walls help to divide up shipping container workshops.
  • Electrical fittings – if you need power for your unit, you can have it wired and powered.
  • Heavy duty shelves – these shelves are ideal for shipping containers that need to hold heavy loads during transportation. You can also have spark free mesh installed in your container if you’re going to be transporting dangerous goods.
  • Additional power outlets – you can have more power points installed if required.
  • A fixed desk – fixed desks are great for shipping container offices or studies.
  • Single or double fluorescent lighting – additional fluorescent lighting can be added to your shipping container for optimal light.
  • Air conditioning units – these make a great addition to shipping container homes and offices. There are various air conditioning units available for different sizes of shipping containers.
  • Phone and data outlets – shipping container offices are a hub of communication and will need these different accessories for modified containers.
  • Kitchenettes – kitchenettes are great for on-site homes or lunchrooms. They can be fitted with a basin and storage cupboards and whatever is needed to connect to the water mains.
  • Zip hot water system – you can have instant hot water added to the container kitchenette.
  • Container insulation – to keep summer heat out and winter cold out, container insulation is a must for keeping a comfortable climate.
  • Ensuite – containers can even be fitted with toilets, showers and hand basins.
  • Specialty flooring – if you’re not a huge fan of vinyl flooring you can request floating flooring and even carpeting for your shipping container
  • Vinyl flooring – and there’s always vinyl, of course. Vinyl comes in a vast range of flooring options to make your office more comfortable and less like a shipping container. It also protects the original timber flooring.
  • CSC Plating – if you’re going to be shipping your unit overseas or via rail, these plates are a must for meeting certain standards and being deemed cargo worth.
  • Gantry system – you can load heavy cargo really easily with an inbuilt gantry system.
  • Shipping container ramps – container ramps are ideal for loading shipping containers with a forklift. Typically you can get ramps that are 1100mm wide; 1800mm wide and 2400mm wide.